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Son of Nelson Rockefeller eaten alive by cannibals

We all know DAVID ROCKEFELLER had THREE HEARTS before he died. 

We all know the Rockefeller brothers owned the TWIN TOWERS which were originally named 'David' and 'Nelson'. 

We all know they were the richest people on planet earth... 

But the ENIGMA CHANNEL goes way deeper than anything you'll ever stumble upon on YouTube - in our new SPIRITWORLD film, CHRIS EVERARD reveals that NELSON ROCKEFELLER had the world's biggest collection of Voodoo statues and his son was EATEN ALIVE by CANNIBALS when buying more of these Voodoo POWER DOLLS which are used to summon demons...

You may think this is all a FREAK COINCIDENCE... Until we reveal in our SPIRITWORLD documentary film that ANDREW CARNEGIE, who was also the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD in his time also had a vast Voodoo POWER DOLL collection... 

And part of that collection is housed just yards from the HQ of the SKULL & BONES secret society - in fact, some say there are rumours the S&B 'Tomb' is connected to the Yale Ethnographic art gallery by an underground tunnel...

SPIRITWORLD explores how many billionaires have collections of these Voodoo dolls - and that CURSING THE WHOLE OF MANKIND is very much at the core of their ‘dog eat dog’ mentality which epitomises the Judeo-Satanic aristocracy.

I believe that Nelson Rockefeller’s son was eaten alive by cannibals as NO ACCIDENT or QUIRK of FATE. Was he part & parcel of an age-old Babylonian Judeo-Satanic tradition where to gain riches, you had to sacrifice one of your children…? 

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For the Anasazi, Hopi, Apache and the Navajo, sacred mountains define the boundaries between the spirit world and physical world... 

Their forefathers left us ancient ROCK ART which clearly shows extraterrestrials, strange alien craft & genetic mutants - watch our new SECRET SPACE film alongside our STAR GODS movie to understand that planet earth has been INVADED BY UFOS for many thousands of years. 


Here we see Doctor Kinsey, a pedophile, with Kenneth Anger who has the word LUCIFER tattooed on his chest - they are inside Aleister Crowley's bedroom called the CHAMBER OF NIGHTMARES at Cefalu, Sicily... Watch the ENIGMA CHANNEL's "SPIRITWORLD" series of films to get the TRUE and UNCENSORED view of world history.

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