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Shamans, sky-watchers and kings

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People in the ancient world would travel thousands of miles for OPIUM and COCAINE. 

This is the first ever film to not only show that cocaine was globally traded between Mexico and Egypt - but this is also the first film to show that the ancestors of the famous Olmec civilisation in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico actually came from Japan!

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THE OLMEC Were shamans, sky-watchers and kings who ruled the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico - they were astronomers whose star knowledge inspired the later Mayan civilisation. 

But the Olmecs did not originate in Mexico - they learned their knowledge of stars and constellations after years of traversing the China sea and south Pacific...

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For the first time on film we present Olmec artefacts which prove that the Olmec people - or at the very least the gods that they worshipped - originated in the Oriental world.

We also present evidence here that the Olmec were the first trans global drug dealers using tobacco and coca plants as a form of money which they used to fund the carving of vast megalithic statues - 17 of these colossal Olmec heads have so far been found - some were carved as stand alone monuments - but as we’ll see in this film, some of these heads have been broken off full bodied statues which stood at least 12 feet tall and were easily on the same scale as the monolithic carved gods found in Egypt.

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