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Sex slaves on the Dark Web


Cyber-lover robots are here right now...

Our TV series INSIDE THE DARK WEB shows you how your VOICE, your MANNERISMS and the way you walk, sit and HOW YOU THINK are being absorbed by robots which SPY ON YOU... 

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These spying devices are feeding a giant A.I. brain...

This giant brain is only accessible to Silicon Valley dot-com billionaires...

This A.I. giant brain is being used to breed a whole new class of ROBOT...

And some of these robots will be PROSTITUTES...

Your robot-prostitute just doesn't talk dirty - they will drive your UBER!

When a sex robot arrives at your door, you control them using your smartphone - allowing them to spy on you 24-7...

In the ENIGMA CHANNEL TV series INSIDE THE DARK WEB we reveal that companies are mass producing ROBOTS which routinely invade your privacy, pirate your ideas and constantly monitor your family's every word and movement!

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