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Secret 'star chamber' discovered underneath Temple of the Flying Serpent in Mexico

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There is a secret STAR CHAMBER beneath the pyramid-shaped Temple of the Flying Serpent in MEXICO…

A 'STAR MAP' was sculpted into the ceiling using thousands of metallic spheres...

In CHRIS EVERARD'S Secret Space documentary film, we show that these metal balls probably represent UFOS which have been witnessed flying around the skies of Mexico for decades... Not only that - but these spheres are also making CROP CIRCLES - in broad daylight...

And the ENIGMA CHANNEL has the footage to prove it!

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Chris Everard has been investigating the FOO FIGHTER and other UFO phenomenon all his life. The SECRET SPACE series of films has broad daylight HD footage of UFOS flying around ancient sites. This film - and the UFO clips - are NOT on NetFlix and NOT on YouTube.

Wartime pilots called them FOO FIGHTERS - today, we call them UFOS - and in Chris Everard’s new SECRET SPACE film we see dozens and dozens of HD clips showing you how FAST these critters move - they cruise at an average speed of 3,600MPH, often way above the Sound Barrier - but are totally silent… And deadly…

Chris Everard explains that it is these exact same ‘Foo Fighters’ which were photographed by the NAZIS that are today making CROP CIRCLES - they are using an ancient magical-religious symbolic language called SIGILISM…

SECRET SPACE IV is the fourth major in-depth feature-length film Chris Everard has made about UFOS & Crop Circles in the last 20 years - it is streaming right now - Parts 1 & 2 are available for viewing, along with thousands of other exclusive TV shows and movies - NOT on Netflix and NOT on YouTube…

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