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Secret history of mankind


In the Holy Bible, God is referred to as 'LORD'. This is to cloak and hide the fact that the earliest Aramaic and Hebrew/Greek scriptures had MULTIPLE GODS called the 'Elohim'.

One of the primary gods is described in 17th century grimoires as a PRINCE OF HELL.

He is a horned satanic deity - and his name is BAAL, which means 'Lord' or 'God'. In the latest episode of our Heritage TV series, we see the tombs of the 'Sanhedrin' leaders of the Hebrew New World Order - as it was back then - they are entombed with sculptures of the TREE OF LIFE sprouting between the horns of the BAAL devil. Like ALBERT PIKE says, the true god of the Masonica-Hebrew cults is Lucifer - and Baal is one of his emmisaries.

Join CHRIS EVERARD on an epic and cinematic investigation into the LEY LINES, legends of DRAGONS, the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, DOWSING, NEW DISCOVERIES IN EGYPT and the Earth's ENERGY GRID...

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