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Satanism in the European superstate

Snakes, crocodiles and Dragons have traditionally represented evil and the devil in ancient mythology. But perhaps this is NOT mythology - but an actual history - telling us of a humanoid strain which contain the genetics of serpents that has been lost in the mists of time... 

Amazingly, many of the world's top politicians gathered in a hollowed-out mountain in Switzerland to watch a bizarre 'ballet' dedicated to the devil!

Sabbatai Zevi gave birth to a morbid and weird international cult.

Back in the 1600's, they believed that by performing sodomy, prostitution, pedophilia and rape, that they would hasten the Second Coming of the MESSIAH!

Watch our in-depth investigation into Sabbatai Zevi in the Ottoman Empire...

SECRET STATE exposes the digital data harvesting and A.I. used by the DEEP STATE... 

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CHRIS EVERARD takes a look at the data revealed by ED SNOWDEN and JULIAN ASANGE, and analyses how politicians plotted to stop the public from knowing the DEEP STATE are violating PRIVACY LAWS…

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