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Royal cosmic top secret

COSMIC TOP SECRET is back by public demand with a one hour special presented by CHRIS EVERARD which has more than 100 UFOS - some filmed from aboard Virgin Atlantic airliners, and some clips have HUNDREDS of UFOS in broad daylight… All in the same video frame…

A former NATO officer confirms the Enigma Channel’s own calculations of the enormous speeds these UFOS can travel - both in the air and water- and you will also see UFOS diving in and out of the ocean and maintaining their original airspeed.

We are being INVADED. And the invasion started many decades, many centuries and possibly many thousands of years ago.

We have genuine UFO footage and RADAR data from NATO, and from fifty years ago - we compare the similarity with the vintage UFOS to the UFOS which today are swarming across our skies - all unreported by the mainstream media, of course.

But this episode of COSMIC TOP SECRET is different to any other film you have ever seen about the UFO phenomenon - this time we have British airline pilots who describe in exact detail a sighting in the 1950s which is almost identical to UFOS filmed in the skies of Italy FIFTY YEARS LATER…

This is a special ‘ROYAL’ edition of COSMIC TOP SECRET which features interviews with advisors to the Buckingham Palace Flying Saucer Research Group… And shows FIVE different UFOS flying above the heads of ONE MILLION PEOPLE in central London…

Tens of thousands of UFO reports were gathered by members of the royal family…  Leading to an actual CLOSE ENCOUNTER on a royal estate…

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If you know someone who doubts the validity of the UFO-alien phenomenon - then tell them to watch ROYAL COSMIC TOP SECRET.

Did you know that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands had a meeting at the Hague with a man who was in contact with aliens from Venus - you may think this is a joke - but the Prince convened the very first meeting of a secretive Think Tank who have influenced the mainstream media for decades...

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