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Reincarnation, magic, hallucinogens and telepathy

Very loud knocking sounds, choirs whispering in Latin and tunnel-like roller-coasters where the rails are made from hyperbolic serpents with giggling elves charging exorbitant entrance fees are commonly seen...

However, through all this chaos, something strangely familiar unfolds...

'Toad Crack' takes you to an ancient 'inner soul' - this is a place you have been before... Maybe when you were last dead and reincarnated?

'Toad Crack' received national attention after a story was published in the New York Times Magazine in 1994 about a Californian teacher who became the first person to be arrested for possessing the venom of toads. Toad milk was outlawed in California in 1970. 

It has been used by witches since prehistoric times...

Back in November 2007, a man in Kansas City, Missouri, was discovered with an Alvarius toad in his possession, and charged with possession of a 'dangerous toxic toad'...

Smoking the Toad Crack is an experience like a brain aneurysm, cardiac stroke, diarrhoea attack and anal orgasm all rolled into one...

... Victims often contract into the foetal position with convulsive trembling and dribbling spasms. Victims look like they will die, or are actually dying. After a few moments, with your fingertip poised over 911 on your phone keypad, a sneaky shaman will get a cloth rattle from his shoulder bag and start singing one of those hypnotic icarus whistle-songs, rattling the rattle all over parts of the body which gradually unwind and, thankfully, the tension is eventually released, giving way to a beatific smile.

Closed-eye kaleidoscope visions and audio hallucinations roll through your head...

This is the ancient RE-BIRTH of Sonorran Shamans and their most sacred smoke: 'TOAD CRACK'..

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There are more than a dozen books which have been censored from the Bible. 

There are at least seven Book of Moses, and these explain advanced magical spells which show you how to protect yourself from danger and how to gather good luck so you can prosper...

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is more than just a 518 page book - it is a two hour documentary film too, which investigates the PHARAOHS and how they amplified natural gifts of psychism and telepathy using hallucinogenic plants.

Moses telepathically channelled the first five books of the Old Testament. He wrote several more books - but these have not been included in the Bible - and until the publication of STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA, most people had ‘forgotten’ [or never even knew] that Moses wrote a ton of stuff which somehow was ‘banned’ from the Bible…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA by CHRIS EVERARD investigates the history of hallucinogenic herbs and magical ritual which has been CENSORED for thousands of years…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a 518 page mega-book with 150 diagrams, maps and photos plus a full colour chapter with photos from Chris Everard’s expeditions to Egypt, Ireland, Spain and many other countries.

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518 pages, 150+ photographs & maps PLUS 2 x DVDs - $39 no hidden shipping charges - Order STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA book & film on Chris Everard's GUMROAD BOOKSTORE - click here


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