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Rasputin was murdered by the Russian royal family

A Pagan Sex-Cult swept across Russia - it's leader was a 'Mad Monk' who was strangled, poisoned and shot by a member of the Russian Royal family...

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Rasputin's murder eventually inspired a peasant revolt in Russia...

By 1930, an evil cabal of super-wealthy German and British royal families financed the Third Reich - an occult war, with their own ministry dedicated to Scandinavian RUNE MAGIC... Hitler and the Kaiser swore to avenge the killing of the Kaiser's royal cousins in Russia... Hitler & Himmler claimed that an evil form of shamanism taught by RASPUTIN, had inspired a network of 40,000 satanists in Russia...

MEET THE HITLERS is a 170 page digital book with 200+ photos and documents straight from the German archives... This book traces the untold history of the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI, RASPUTIN and the KAISERS which triggered two horrific wars...

RASPUTIN - a mysterious man who had taught himself a form of Shamanism and occult hypnotism... 

Rasputin was part of a cult who indulged in deranged sex-magic, pedophilia and satanism…

This wild man, who some called a ‘Wandering Jew’ ingratiated himself with the Romanov Royal family - most probably through hypnotism…

Rasputin was eventually murdered by Grand Duke Dimitri - a member of the royal household…

Rasputin eventually inspired a revolutionary movement in Russia, which resulted in the Royal Romanovs being killed… And that led to the uprising of the Bolsheviks…

The Holocaust was Hitler’s new Witch Hunt - and his target were the Russian Bolshevik ‘Wandering Jews’ who had occult knowledge which Hitler said threatened the Scandinavian RUNE MAGICK which was thought by Himmler to be ‘righteous’, or at least the magic of the ‘Noble Jews’ who financed Hitler...

THIS is the missing chapter of the thousands of books written about World War history.


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Bizarre & Ironic Facts of WWII:

The boss of the German air force bombing Jewish communities in East London was himself Jewish!

Heinrich Himmler‘s great-niece married an Israeli Jewish man and Adolf Hitler’s half-brother became a Rabbi and lived happily ever after in Israel!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s sisters married senior SS officers - but they all claim to be descended from King Solomon of ancient Israel!

Around 20 Nazi soldiers of Jewish heritage were awarded the Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest military honor!

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