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Quantum physics is actually ancient KABBALAH

The basis for all nuclear physics can be found in the Kabbalah... 

The idea that all matter is made from small invisible particles, and that these particles can be manipulated through sound, and that there really is no death - because even a dead body is still made of atoms which are spinning and alive in themselves...

These ideas come from the Kabbalah...

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Rabbis in Prague stitched dead body parts together and also formed beings from clay called GOLEMS - and it was these Rabbis who inspired Mary Shelly to write the classic FRANKENSTEIN...

Jewish mystics also imported into Europe sciences from ARABIA - today we call this ALCHEMY...

CHRIS EVERARD writes books and makes documentaries about subjects which are banned and censored by the mainstream media. THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES is a book about scientists who are SATANISTS.Click this link to order

Alchemy is about the transformation of one element into another, and that is exactly what happens at Nuclear power stations around the world every day - where the element known as Uranium is transformed into Plutonium. 

 Alchemy is a real science - and it is nowadays called Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Physics… THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES is a book about scientists - but not any ordinary scientists - these scientists were part of a super secret group investigating Nuclear Bombs, Quantum Mechanics and ALIENS… Yes, aliens - amongst these scientists were ALBERT EINSTEIN and ROBERT OPPENHEIMER…

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  • Chris Everard's books and films are full of original, deeply researched FACTS - the man has taught me and millions of people so much information - he always backs up all his research with a ton of images, footage and documents    ~ KEV BAKER SHOW, Scotland FM

Einstein & Oppenheimer believed there were aliens making contact with Earth and personally discussed this with the President of the United States, whilst their scientific colleagues were deeply entrenched in BOHEMIAN GROVE rituals and SATANISM. Collectively, these scientists were involved in the MAJESTIC 12 program studying UFOs… And their horrific nuclear bombs were amalgamated into the official Pentagon war plan called "MAD" which stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. 

THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES is 100% factual and true - much of what you will read in this book has never been published in the public domain. Get CHRIS EVERARD’s new book for $5 by clicking here This eBook is fully illustrated with more than 50 colour images, diagrams, documents & photos. You can read it on any iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad, Mac or PC.

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