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Pyramid power

PYRAMID POWER: ALEISTER CROWLEY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN & THE SATANIC CONSPIRACY is a new digital book by CHRIS EVERARD - fully illustrated, with many photos taken by the author in Egypt.

PYRAMID POWER is an investigation into a 2,000 year old Blood Cult which has hijacked the USA, UK & European Nations. They use the PYRAMID as their emblem.

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This is a sister book to Chris Everard's best-selling books 'The British Illuminati' and 'The Satanic Syndicate of Westminster'. This digital book takes us back more than 2,000 years to the establishment of a Blood Cult during the time of the Pharaohs. This cult has continually existed, passing on secrets of Electricity and Psychic Technologies from one generation of Satanists to another. This cult has emblazoned its symbols on the One Dollar Bill, and infiltrated the House of Lords, the White House and the Royal Families of Europe...

PYRAMID POWER is a digital book, fully illustrated, and will be delivered digitally to you IMMEDIATELY

"British author, CHRIS EVERARD, has been on the trail of an international network of criminals and satanists who have hijacked and stalled Scientific Advancement. Chris presents evidence in his new book, that ELECTRICITY has been known about since the time of the Pharaohs - but was not publicly demonstrated until an evil Blood Cult had seeded it's members into influential positions within the UK and USA governments. This Blood Cult uses Psychic Technology & Propaganda to hold Mankind to ransom - and has murdered many millions through the engineering of wars and revolutions. This Psychic Technology was developed in ancient Egypt - and is based on harnessing the bio-electrical energy of human blood and harvesting electricity from the atmosphere. This secret was taught to high ranking initiates, which included Benjamin Franklin, Aleister Crowley and members of the House of Lords in the British Parliament. His new digital book reads at a fast-pace and for the first time presents photos, documents, letters and eye-witness testimonies which proves that the whole of Mankind has been duped by this global conspiracy…"

         ~ Truth Frequency Radio Show

This digital book is delivered instantaneously via email and is published in association with GumRoad. It contains dozens upon dozens of photos, lithographs and engravings - including a selection of photos taken by the author during expeditions to Egypt.

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"Every Muslim should read this book - it explains how technology and magic from ancient Egypt has been used as a weapon against Mankind - and has restricted the scientific development of our global economies"

~ Farouk Abdul, Cairo Egyptological Survey

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