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Putin, Nazis and the Kosher Nostra

According to the TIMES OF ISRAEL, Ukraine TV have portrayed the European Union and British Royal domination of Europe as some form of ’Nazism’.

When Russian troops launched their attack on Ukraine on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on mainstream TV that his helicopter warships had captured CHERNOBYL and bombed twelve military sites around the country as part of a military campaign of “denazification”.

This statement has completely baffled the BBC, CNN and general public but NOT viewers of the Enigma Channel…

In the ENIGMA CHANNEL’S sardonic and satirical “JUDAS CONSPIRACY” TV series, we learn the true real names of Communists who waged - and still wage - an oppressive war on traditional family values...

NEW FILM FOR TODAY: Our brand new one hour TV special is called TIMELINE TO TYRANNY - and it charts the secret history of how the Royal-Nazi-Political elite have murdered millions of American Indians and other First Nations people using BIO-WARFARE...

In the year 1518 Spanish Conquistador HERNANDO CORTES deliberately exposes the AZTEC PEOPLE to SMALLPOX… A Smallpox plague enables the Spanish Royal family to crush and take-over the whole of Latin America…

1666 London: Followers of the cult led by Shabatai Zevi spread bubonic plague-infested rats which are bred in Izmir, Turkey…

In 1710 during the Russian war against sweden, blood from plague-infected corpses was sprayed on the enemy…

In 1746 SMALLPOX infected blankets are given as a gift to American First Nations people - at least 11million died.

1911, Germany: The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute researches mass killing using bio-warfare and nuclear contamination. the Rockefeller Foundation gives scholarships to study human experimentation at the Kaiser Wilhelm institute in Germany.

The Rockefeller Foundation funds the International Health Board, which evolves into the WORLD HEALTH AUTHORITY…

In 1932 Syphilis was injected into black people in the USA as part of an experiment that was overseen by the Rockefeller Foundation. On January 3rd, 2019, a United States federal judge stated that Johns Hopkins University, Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Rockefeller Foundation must face a $1 billion lawsuit for their roles in a similar experiment affecting Guatemalans. The injecting of syphilis into black American citizens continued until 1972.

But that's just the start of the TIMELINE TO TYRANNY - now streaming

We investigate the Bolsheviks who murdered millions of Christians and for more than a century have held Russians and satellite nations in cruel cultural and economic captivity...  

Let's just flip the clock back a couple of thousand years - and journey to Sicily and the Greek Islands...

Anthropomancy (from Greek anthropos (ἄνθρωπος, man) and manteia (μαντεία, divination)) are methods of divination by reading the entrails of sacrificed virgin female children. 

This was also known as splanchnomancy.

It had flourished earlier in ancient Palestine at shrines known as TOPHETS where Rabbis sacrificed many babies - their skeletons and remains have been found in their thousands in Jerusalem and at Carthage...

Members of these TOPHET CULTS seeded their members into places of influence over the coming centuries...

Many splintered into their own secret society networks such as Freemasonry.

Ancient Jewish mysticism inspires Freemasonry to this day. You could say Freemasonry is like a 'Mafia' of people who practice the magic of King Solomon...

Well, the 'Mafia' itself developed along these lines - and the 'BOSS OF BOSSES' in the Mafia of the 1950s and 1960s was Jewish - he was not Italian...

This is the untold history of the KOSHER NOSTRA...

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You could say that Freemasonry is the 'Gentleman's Club' of Judeo-mysticism surrounding the 'Baphomet', or Satanism.

Ancient Judeo-mystic sciences such as Astrology, Gematria, Reading Entrails of animals, and Augary are some of the most impregnable secrets of the ILLUMINATI global network of cults...

The Enigma Channel's CONSPIRACY FILES TV series takes you deep into the historical roots of Freemasonry, Judeo-Mysticism and the rituals of the MAFIA!

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YouTube is awash with what the BBC describe as 'Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories'. This week, we present a six-part TV series which takes a sarcastic and sardonic look at those conspiracy theories... And we discover that the Mafia bosses were NOT Italian!

We uncover the links between the Bolsheviks, Satanists and AL CAPONE!!!!

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THE JUDAS CONSPIRACY investigates deeper into the Satanic-communist elite like no other TV series before or since. 

Trotsky lived in Manhattan, with his own chauffeur, he had a private lush apartment with a private phone hot-wired to the Kremlin, and even his own refrigerator in the 1920s!  

The Bolshevik serial killers, commanded by the Kremlin, are the world’s most successful state-sponsored Death Squads the world has ever known. 

We learn that far from being ‘men of the people’, most of the communist leaders were actually not even Russian! 

In fact, as we show you, most of the world’s biggest mass murderers were Israeli-Russians! 

And when they entered the USA, they formed the MAFIA… 

Yes, the Mafia were not Italian - they were from Hebrew families in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine! 

They were known as the 'KOSHER NOSTRA'.

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