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Poisoned Paradise

The magical south Pacific Islands are where Instagrammers like to fill their Instagram accounts with pics of coral lagoons, silicone boobs and bamboo huts…

But we reveal that there used to be a lot more of these coral desert islands in the South Pacific - they were VAPORIZED by ATOMIC NUKES on purpose by the French government... Yes, you read that right - WHOLE ISLANDS were blown off the face of planet earth...

This week, a new 5G iPhone is being launched... 5G is a new global source of microwave radiation - but little do people know that 200 atomic bombs have been exploded in the beautiful South Pacific Islands...

Local islanders were NOT EVEN GIVEN FOREWARNING that one of their islands would be blown to smithereens...

JUST THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MOMENT... You're hanging out your washing on your local beach and KABOOOOOOOM!!!! You see, hear and feel a gigantic ATOMIC MUSHROOM CLOUD and feel the toxic NUCLEAR WIND SHOCKWAVE blow your home down...

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  • DID YOU KNOW that the assistant director of MI6 wrote fantasy stories about sexually torturing children? He was one of the earliest members of the PEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE, along with a man who wrote the rulebook for SOCIAL WORKERS.

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