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Planned Pandemics

For the mainstream media, the AFTERMATH of being injected with MRNA technology is now a 'non-issue' and there is not a single newspaper nor TV station investing in post-Coronavirus research nor reporting...

In effect, MRNA jabs convert every cell in your body into a TIME BOMB. The MRNA jabs especially target your IMMUNE SYSTEM and could potentially trigger massive waves of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE.

MRNA technology fools the human body into manufacturing SPIKE PROTEINS.

These Spike Proteins and how they attach themselves to human cells was PATENTED in 2016 - in fact a scientific paper was submitted alongside a patent which contains the whole reverse DNA sequence of the Coronavirus Cleavage Site - but the mainstream media are telling you little or nothing about this patent which was registered THREE YEARS before Coronavirus was every meant to exist.

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The Enigma Channel is on the cutting edge of reporting - streaming interviews with doctors - some of whom were banned from Twitter - even though these doctors had INVENTED some of the MRNA vaccine technology!


Our documentary film 'TIMELINE TO TYRANNY' charts the historical development of DEPOPULATION VIRUSES that were developed by the Kaiser Wilhelm institute in Germany.

For decades, the Deputy Surgeon-General of the Third Reich developed Smallpox and Monkeypox type viruses and also CHEMTRAILS. This same Nazi ended up on the payroll of the CIA and organised MK-Ultra.

The EPOCH TIMES reports that: "The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is authorized to receive taxpayer funding for animal research until January 2024. And BIDEN IS HAPPY WITH THAT.

The WUHAN LAB is at the center of widespread speculation that "COVID-19 could have entered the human population in China due to an accidental lab leak..."

Dean Kontz's book was published years and years ago - it is a plot based around a man-made virus called WUHAN-400. This book has been REMOVED from Wiki pages which list the career of Dean Koontz.

Likewise, BORIS JOHNSON has been swiftly removed from office in a COUP D'ETAT inside Downing Street - his father wrote a book called THE VIRUS which has parallels to the pandemic which his son presided over whilst being PrimeMinister.

Of course, IF Boris had CLOSED ALL FLIGHTS TO AND FROM CHINA and TO AND FROM ITALY right at the start of the pandemic, then the virus would have stayed right where its Frankenstein Fathers made it: CHINA.

But the plan was to MAKE IT SPREAD via airlines which were happily landing and dumping 500 passengers an hour from China, Italy, Iran and other breeding sites into the Heathrow-London Underground train network. THAT is how Coronavirus got to the UK and Europe.

The virus did two political things: Firstly, it restrained the movement of people right when they were getting ready to vote Trump in for a second term. Secondly, the virus killed around 30,000 British pensioners in Care Homes right when the Treasury were carping on about how much it costs to keep old Britons alive...

Researchers at the Wuhan lab were studying bat-based coronaviruses prior to the outbreak, a project partially backed by $600,000 in U.S. taxpayer funds routed to the lab through the nonprofit group EcoHealth Alliance. That was green-lighted originally by Obama and Biden.

In February and March of 2020, the FBI made arrests of Harvard and Yale students from departments which had received grants from JEFFREY EPSTEIN VIA BILL GATES. The student lab technicians were arrested at U.S. airports carrying vials of viral material and they were on their way - guess where - to WUHAN IN CHINA.

I presume from these arrests that the vials contained PATENTED PATHOGENS or other COPYRIGHTED CHEMICALS - the student technicians had hidden the vials in their socks - and no doubt are "mule stooges" for the architects of this Scamdemic.

Did those vials contain an important ingredient for the lab-manufactured Coronavirus? Or was it the ANTIDOTE?

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