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Planet Earth has been invaded - and this film proves it.

The debate over whether UFOS exist or not is well and truly over.
UFOS are here - and they are here in BIG NUMBERS...

CHRIS EVERARD's film series 'SECRET SPACE' proves it - with hours and hours of broad daylight UFO footage filmed from all over the world...

Much of this footage has never ever been seen in any documentary ever before...

Planet Earth has been invaded - and this film proves it.  

Today, THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has released Chris Everard’s latest SECRET SPACE documentary film - it is his fourth major film about the Secret Space Program and features more than 100 HD clips of UFOs & Crop Circles, including official NASA footage of UFOs being filmed & discussed by Astronauts & Mission Control.

UFOS and CROP CIRCLES in ancient rock art - this shows that the UFO invasion has been going on many thousands of years... This rock 'art' is NOT 'art' - it is a history - written by our forefathers to record a momentous event in earth's history.

Chris Everard's new documentary features 100+ HD clips of UFOs & Crop Circles never seen in any film before.

SECRET SPACE Volume IV is the companion film to Chris Everard’s book DEEP STATE - if you enjoyed reading DEEP STATE, then you will adore watching hours of UFO footage which corroborates all the documents, photos and evidence which Chris presented in his book.

At least 5 major crop formations have appeared right next to Radio Telescopes - one crop circle appeared INSIDE a high security cordon in England, right under CCTV cameras.

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The SECRET SPACE series of films, plus dozens of TV shows investigating crop circles and UFOs are all streaming right now.

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“Chris Everard has helped to push forward information which the public have greatly benefitted from”

~ Fritz Springmeier

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