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Panama papers and the slave trade

CHRIS EVERARD takes you on an A B C tour of EXACTLY how the aristocracy got rich... 

BLACK LIVES MATTER? Exploitation of African & Caribbean people has been going on for 450 years - watch our investigation expose how SLAVERY made the ARISTOCRACY rich.

The aristocracy do not pay tax - they set up fake companies in TAX HAVENS and funnel all their earnings and expenses through these tax havens - and that includes the QUEEN OF ENGLAND who was exposed in the PANAMA PAPERS as sheltering her stake in two British corporations…

Many famous corporations now have billions in the bank - and those billions should actually be spent on paying taxes to keep the fabric of society running - but for many years now, these super-rich corporations have been getting richer and richer - whilst the thumbscrews have been put on ordinary working class people.

But that's just the start of CHRIS EVERARD'S investigation...

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Most of the so called Commonwealth nations were actually SLAVE DEPOTS, providing wealth for the ancestors of people like former British prime minister DAVID CAMERON...

And of course, nearly everyone in these Commonwealth nations were SLAVES - mostly farming OPIUM and Sugar for the super-wealthy illuminati families back in London.

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SECRET STATE exposes the digital data harvesting and A.I. used by the DEEP STATE... 

CHRIS EVERARD takes a look at the data revealed by ED SNOWDEN and JULIAN ASANGE, and analyses how politicians plotted to stop the public from knowing the DEEP STATE are violating PRIVACY LAWS…

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