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Nikola Tesla and the crystal pyramid

After drinking AYAHUASCA and feeling it’s potent, powerful hallucinogenic effects, Sheree & Chris Geo went deep underground inside the Great Pyramid... 

Their biggest discovery - of major historical importance - is that the large rough-hewn blocks of stone, deep under the Giza Plateau, are embedded with thousands of small CRYSTALS... 

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This is the first ever HD footage of this discovery - and when they showed it to Chris Everard, he theorised that these crystals would have generated large amounts of electricity when underground water streams which pass through the Subterranean Chamber of the Great Pyramid came into contact with the quartzite-stone walls and blocks… It is now scientifically proven that crystals generate electricity whenever they are in contact with water - it was - until now - one of the most powerful ‘secrets of nature’ - something which the pyramid-builders probably knew all about… But is explored for the first time on film on the Enigma Channel… 

This is a fascinating documentary filmed inside the Great Pyramid - in fact, it solves the mystery of the seemingly ‘unfinished’ blocks of stone in the Subterannean Chamber - these blocks are not ‘unfinished’ - they have been shaped in their uneven way through centuries of FLOWING WATER… It is the first time that there has been such clear HD footage of the subterranean chamber.

Our film then goes on to investigate NIKOLA TESLA and the CRYSTAL POWER CELLS of Canadian genius-inventor John Hutchison. This is the first film to explore the fact that Quartz can produce an electrical reaction when in contact with water - this was only discovered in 2017! Quartz is also distinguished as a gem that is capable of triboluminescence, or the ability to create light under pressure. This mystery light is not electricity in the form that we know it, but it is often mistaken as such. The most prominent scientific theory is that it is caused by the separation of chemical and electrical bonds…

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This is not some wonky youtube clip of people stumbling around the pyramids - this is a scientifically-based film which takes you on a voyage of discovery spanning thousands of years…

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IMPORTANT: There will be a follow-up episode soon: A team of University students have made crystals of zinc oxide that, when immersed in water, absorb vibrations and develop areas of strong negative and positive charge. These charges rip apart nearby water molecules, releasing hydrogen and oxygen gas - which may very well lead to the development of a new kind of automobile engine which runs on ordinary tap water.

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