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For me, it's been a lifelong adventure of exposing tyrants. 

It started when I was about 6 years old, sitting on the school steps I turned to my friend and asked him DO YOU EVER ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE? 

It was the first 'Fluoride blank stare' I received and he ran off to kick an inflated sphere of injection moulded plastic - something which I am sure Robert is still excited about today...

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Already by the time I was processed, shaved, trussed and packaged to meet the entry requirements of my secondary school, which looked like a prison H-block, I had already worked out one essential piece of valuable information: That psychological and physical abuse was at the root and stem of the education and governmental system...

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By the time I was 16 I had already started my own recycling business in my backyard and discovered that there was another form of abuse that was systemic to the Illuminati control mechanism = FINANCIAL ABUSE... 

Crippling tax, PAYE tax for the lowest paid, decimalisation TRIPLED the cost of every product in Britain within a year - oh yes, financial abuse in the form of low wages, and astronomical household bills which would appear simultaneously and terrorise my mother - these were the hallmarks of what I would later discover is the MERCHANT BANKING and MONOPOLISED UTILITY scams - where friends of Margaret Thatcher got given multi-million contracts to provide electricity, gas and take away our rubbish - 'PRIVATISATION' was [and still is] a Tory racket where every boss of every privatised company has ties to Her Majesty's Con-servative party...

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And... After making many films, hundreds of TV shows and radio broadcasts and publishing 17 books and more than 1,100 magazine articles, the chinks in the Illuminati armour had grown to gaping holes where we could look inside their machine... 

What I discovered is that 2.4 Billion people are under the control of the Royals in the British Commonwealth nations - and that around 2.1 billion of those people live in abject poverty.

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Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned is that what the BBC describes as THIRD WORLD NATIONS are actually where all the gold, oil and diamonds come from. 

These nations are only 'THIRD WORLD NATIONS' because they have been psychologically, physically and financially abused by the elite who built themselves aristocratic political and financial empires on the profits of what they stole from the 'THIRD WORLD NATIONS'.

And so here we are, with yet another era of GESTAPO NAZISM terrorising working class families - locking us in our own homes, forbidding family businesses from operating, restricting travel, the rule of 6 must be obeyed - even in families where there are 7 people! A £10,000 fine for disobeying the machine. 

Well, thankfully, now the furlough pay has been terminated, all these millions of people in their concrete tower block rabbit hutches will begin to stir - their minds will clear - they will soon become angry.

See you on the barricades.

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