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I've been saying for years that PLAGUE is the 'trump card' the Illuminati play when they are facing a revolt of peasants. 

And, by golly, the 'illuminati' have been rocked by grassroots movements many times in just the last few years...

ELECTION VOTE RIGGING has been discovered in Los Angeles and is now being investigated, the mainstream media's claim that 'THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD' is now - UNTRUE. Evidence has been found. Criminal charges have been launched. Watch the news - real news - unfold on the Enigma Channel.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a 'peasants revolt' in full swing - and this week I have been editing a TV special featuring several Senators who drag the bosses of Silicone Valley over hot coals.

Not only do we report that Social Media barons in Silicone Valley are now UNDER OATH and having to provide giant lists of every person they have banned and censored... But we also reveal how ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES have appeared on eBay still full of sensitive voters' information!

Oooops! Electronic voting machines on eBay reveal batches of .exe programs and have no GLUE holding the main CPU in place, which means they can have easily been hacked. A former NASA employee admits under oath he rigged electronic voting machines - and became an elected representative on a good salary himself!!!

The only thing that would be more ironically satisfying is to see Britain's new Home Secretary get bitten by his pet tarantula which he keeps in his desk at Westminster... Oh yes, the aristocratic-royal elite, otherwise commonly known as the 'illuminati' are a very strange bunch of people... And right now, they are 'on the run'!

The Enigma Channel carries DNN news reports from around the world. Real news. Not propaganda.

In the last ten years the Enigma Channel has been reporting in the vanguard of; the resignation of Berlusconi and his bunga-bunga parties with Moroccan schoolgirls, the resignation of Pope Benedict under pressure from pedophile accusations and expose films like the Enigma series ILLUMINATI CHRONICLES [where you can see the pope with cavorting half naked male 'entertainers'], BREXIT, the emergence of the grassroots Italian parties who successfully took full control of the Italian parliament, then there was the expose we did on the Italian Mafia dumping nuclear waste in the Mediterranean sea, and of course our investigations into P!zz@ga†e and the Hampstead whistleblowers, Savile and a great deal more...

Our FAKE NEWS TV series digs deep behind news stories... With a good amount of satirical truths along the way... 

Our LOLITA ISLAND TV series has serialised a real-life REALITY TV SERIES featuring pimps, prostitutes, playboys and princes - and this debacle was probably one of the reasons that we see what the Rockefeller Institute describe as a 'top-down authoritarian governmental lockdown', they also call it a 're-set' - but the reset is only for the Working Class - our films SCAMDEMIC and GLOBAL KULL prove that Big Pharma knowingly poisoned us with cancer cells in vaccines and HIV in commercial blood products...

Right now, the ban on gatherings quite neatly quells the YELLOW VESTS, AFD in Germany, Podermos and the LEAGUE in Italy... The new 'vaccine' will, I am sure, not be a swift solution to the illuminati's conundrum of STILL NOT LETTING PEOPLE GATHER - even AFTER they have been jabbed... 

Let's see how it pans out... So far, the target sector most affected by Covid19 have been the elderly - around 70% of them were given free flu jabs in the 2019-2020 winter and a very high percentage of those people are now dead, having died in 'care homes' behind locked doors - when in truth they should have been hospitalised...

Locking down billions of HEALTHY people whilst failing to hospitalise the sick people is a FACT which is glaringly obvious. The daily statistics quoted by the BBC claim that 'around 22,000 new cases every day' are detected. Clearly, this is a staggering statistic. But the one main statistic I am interested in seeing is HOW MANY TORIES SET UP SHELL COMPANIES IN ORDER TO RECEIVE MILLIONS IN CASH FOR PPE WHICH WAS NEVER EVERY MANUFATURED NOR DELIVERED... Watch this space!

The Yellow vests are still around - in fact, they have been very active in Paris tending to old people who are suffering under lockdown.

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