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New Series - All of them Witches - Episode 3

Hello, my name is CHRIS EVERARD and I present a new epic TV series investigating witchcraft...

EPISODE THREE is streaming right now...

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Even though witchcraft was officially outlawed back in the medieval era - secretly, behind palace doors, witches, wizards, rabbis and Romany soothsayers were employed writing the horoscopes of the kings and queens… 

And summoning demons which would possess the body of a target person and infect them with bad luck and disease.

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Today, during the Covid19 crisis, Boris Johnson is taking advice from SAGE - a think tank of 'wise men'…

Is it just a coincidence?

ALL OF THEM WITCHES is an epic TV series which combines 20+ years of research by CHRIS EVERARD...

Filmed in many countries, ALL OF THEM WITCHES brings you bang up to date with the COVID pandemic, and how a Parliamentary Committee just admitted that the Westminster government actually helped spread the virus... Just like British witches did in the Medieval era.

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