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Nazis, secret societies, Aleister Crowley and aliens

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HOWARD HUGHES, Nazis, secret societies, Aleister Crowley, telepathic contact with extraterrestrials and Einstein's theory that aliens were already interacting with the human race are all investigated in Chris Everard's digital book DEEP STATE...

America's first billionaire in history: HOWARD HUGHES. He financed the construction of buildings in the Mojave desert at a place we today call " AREA 51 ".  One of his employees claimed that HUGHES SPACE DIVISION was developing 'Anti-gravity' craft using back-engineered debris from an 'unknown' [probably alien] source.  Hughes Space Division evolved from the NAZI collaboration between former SS rocket engineers and NASA.

NAZI SS Prince Christoph Hessen was Queen Elizabeth’s brother-in-law. He was head of an espionage network during the 1930s that gathered intelligence for the Nazis... Prince Christoph Hessen was just one of HUNDREDS of royal princes, dukes and barons who financed and supported Hitler...

The Nazi master plan included the construction of the world's first SPACE PROGRAM...A team of Nazi scientists researched not only exotic rocket engines and jets, but also studied the occult...

Get Chris Everard's DEEP STATE digital book instantaneously right now. Click this link:

DEEP STATE is an illustrated digital book which investigates the billions of dollars invested in space technology and the development of AREA51 with the help of reclusive billionaire HOWARD HUGHES...

...And that is just the start of Chris Everard's book DEEP STATE...

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