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Nazi doctors and MK ULTRA

There are today around 20 million Germans in South America and Mexico.

That’s more Germans than some of the indigenous indian nations in South America!  And THAT is the proof that there has been a genocide performed in Latin America - and we have the VATICAN and NAZI DOCTORS such as JOSEF MENGELE to thank…

The VATICAN provided Hitler with the religious back-up he needed - and often priests would give the Heil Hitler salute. 

The Vatican already controlled south America - and gave ardent Nazis cassocks and nun's habits so that they could escape Europe and start a new life - often with a fake Jewish name - in Brazil, Colombia or any number of Latin American countries...

South America was already home to many millions of ethnic Germans who had joined pro-Nazi cults… They set up laboratories and dug Deep Underground bases...

For the NAZI doctors of Bayer and IG Farben, it was business as usual.

Within months of the second world war ending in Europe a new war began in Latin America - a war on the PEOPLE - a wholesale take over of governments and a massive drive to increase poverty headed by the Vatican. Pro-Nazi German cults formed themselves into ASSASSINATION DEATH SQUADS - all through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s Nazi Hit Men killed dozens of Latin American Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Laboratories were set up - and still to this day in parts of Brazil, mothers give birth to unusual numbers of TWINS - as a direct result of the macabre HUMAN EXPERIMENTS performed by JOSEF MENGELE.

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PUTIN'S "De-Nazification" of Ukraine.

We show you exclusive home-made drone footage of the guerrilla street battles in Ukraine and why Putin took CHERNOBYL SEIGE...

We analyse the likelihood that Putin may join forces with Jihadists in ALBANIA, PAKISTAN, IRAN, IRAQ, KAZAKSTAN and several over nations...

Putin hasn't just invaded Ukraine - he has created a whole new IRON CURTAIN.


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Sixty years ago, JOHN KERRY was initiated into Yale's secret society - the SKULL AND BONES - John Kerry is Joe Biden's handler on Climate Change - and together with FAKE ECOLOGISTS they have cooked-up a wickedly expensive CARBON TAX...

This pair are telling you to pay a new crippling CARBON TAX which will be added to every item you purchase and will be syphoned directly out of your pay check...

Supposedly, the trillions of dollars raised with the CARBON TAX will heal SIXTY YEARS of RAIN FOREST DESTRUCTION...

Of course, that's a lie...

Ecological 'projects' and charities have mostly been stealing your donations and looking the other way when tens of millions of acres of rain forest have been transformed into garden furniture and matches.

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Not only that - but TRILLIONS OF BALLS OF PLASTIC have choked sea life - but no one is arresting the bosses of toothpaste and shampoo corporations who deliberately put trillions of micro balls of plastic into our oceans...

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