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NASA: Never A Straight Answer!

TWENTY YEARS AGO I interviewed Apollo Astronauts Dick Gordon, Alan Bean and Dr Edgar Mitchell. I also interviewed Russian Cosmonauts, MARCUS ALLEN from Nexus Magazine and DAVID ICKE... 

The result was my film SECRET SPACE... 

It was the first time that official NASA footage of UFOs and those exact same UFOs making CROP CIRCLES had been seen in a cinematic documentary which was released at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival..

Twenty years on, I have made FOUR - yes FOUR - SECRET SPACE documentary films and produced the FALLEN ANGELS TV series for Irish & Danish TV networks which explores the ancient evidence of aliens, the Anunnaki and extraterrestrial genetic modelling of human DNA... 

And, in addition, I have also produced TV shows with JAIME MAUSSAN flying around dozens of Crop Circles and analysing genuine UFO footage...

You can all watch my films and TV shows in REDUX HD960 quality on the ENIGMA CHANNEL...

SECRET SPACE Volume One has been REDUXED into HD... You can also watch the very latest SECRET SPACE Volume IV which has broad daylight HD footage of hundreds of UFOs flying in Italy, Croatia, USA, Chile, Mexico and StoneHenge - Watch thousands of exclusive TV shows now: Sign-up - click here

The SECRET SPACE series of films is more than just about UFOs - it has verbatim footage from NASA with astronauts discussing UFOs and other strange phenomena...

But the SECRET SPACE film series is also about CENSORSHIP and how a CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE has been thrown over the UFO phenomenon and how YOUTUBE has been plastered with deliberately FAKE FLYING SAUCER CGI clips.

COSMIC TOP SECRET is a new film about the UFO/ALIEN phenomenon - and reveals that UFOS are CHEMTRAILING in earth's atmosphere - right at the same time and locations, a strange new disease is killing cats, elephants and people - and it is NOT being reported on the mainstream media...

There are now thousands of fake UFO clips on YouTube.  These fake clips 'drown out' the real and astonishing HD UFO footage - the genuine sightings from official sources and members of the public... 

And THAT is why I originally launched the ENIGMA CHANNEL more than 20 years ago! 

Enjoy the new SECRET SPACE films! 

Uncensored. HD. 


Thank you to the thousands of ENIGMA CHANNEL viewers for their 5-star reviews on Facebook and the Hidden Truths Group who have helped to awaken so many people over the years...

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