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MK-ULTRA weaponised LSD and Voodoo Curses

In 1977 the CIA put Witches, Fortune-tellers and BLACK MAGICIANS on the CIA payroll...

Military officer and Satanist MICHAEL AQUINO submitted a report on CURSES for the Pentagon...

Yes, believe it or not, CURSES have been WEAPONIZED.

Prostitutes were also put on the CIA payroll...  

But they were Prostitute-spies, trained to give LSD to unwitting members of the public...

They 'Love Bombed' random passers-by and combined a sexual climax with a hallucinogenic experience.

But LSD was not the only hallucinogen which was WEAPONIZED in this covert Psy-Op project...

In 1954, a US Government project spent $40,000 on LSD - some claim it was purchased from TIMOTHY LEARY and his personal team of LSD chemical engineers.

Traditional SHAMAN MEDICINE and VOODOO POISON was used by the Pentagon too.

CURARE POISON was first seen by European explorer Sir Walter Raleigh - it effectively paralyzed monkeys, whilst keeping their hearts beating. Curare has since been synthesized and is the main active ingredient in many modern anaesthetics.

Other VOODOO POISONS such as the venom of PUFFER FISH have also been investigated by the Pentagon. 

Puffer Fish venom is used in the ZOMBIFICATION PROCESS, where a person is 'Brain Washed' with poison and transformed from a normal adult into someone who has limited mobility to their arms and legs. They can follow simple instructions and become an unquestioning slave for the rest of their lives. This is what a ZOMBIE really is.

Haitian Voodoo CURSES were recommended as a research project for Pentagon battle-managers by Col. Aquino.

In fact, the Pentagon uses ZOMBIES as a GLOBAL ATTACK SIMULATION in a document which was leaked to CNN!

Clearly the mass Zombification of the public has been considered as a military option.

The CIA filmed magical rituals and sex acts under the influence of LSD and Curare Poison purchased from Papua New Guinea Pygmies...

They called this program “MK-ULTRA”...

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