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Meet the American Illuminati

The room is in almost total darkness.  A tall figure in a red velvet robe enters.  A very short figure, also in a robe, enters from another door.  They each stand at the head of a long oak banqueting table. Thirteen young men, also dressed in robes say in unison  “WAR IS OUR BUSINESS”. 

Unfortunately, this is NOT a scene from a movie - this happens every year at fraternities in Ivy League America.

Long before TRUMP, the ENIGMA CHANNEL had investigated and found that JOHN KERRY was pulling Obama & Biden's strings years ago.

SKULL & BONES is just one of several secret societies - each with their own frat house - The Wolf’s Head, the Scroll & Key… And umpteen GREEK LETTER societies…  But among them, SKULL AND BONES is the ‘landlord’ of its own private island in the Thousand Islands District and its registered legal Trust owns portions of Yale Campus.

This cult - whose roots stretch back to the mass murderer KAISER WILHELM and his Hussar cavalry of royal assassins - picks 15 members a year and has produced three US presidents - Taft, George Bush Snr, and George W. Bush…

They solemnly walk down a stone spiral staircase and into an alley running alongside their windowless HQ which is built in red stone and is called the TOMB.

They enter a dank and fusty storage room where an old Victorian coffin lay.  A member undresses, ties a ribbon to his penis and recites his most lurid sexual experiences so that he may be BLACKMAILED at any time in the future if he shows any disloyalty to his fellow ‘BONESMEN’.

JOHN KERRY, joined this cult nearly sixty years ago.  John Kerry and his fellows are known as a BONESMEN. Many members of this cult have names which are various appellations of SATAN, making Skull & Bones a bona fide ‘Satanic Secret Society’ right there in New Haven High Street.  The name ‘Long Devil’ is assigned to the tallest member; Boaz (which is a name used widely in freemasonry and a nickname for ‘Beelzebub’) goes to any member who is a Yale varsity football captain - Beelzebub, of course, is the name of a Philistine god, used as a title for the “chief of the demons” none other than ‘Satan’ himself… As such, JOHN KERRY and both Daddy George Bush and his alcoholic son would have broken bread with the Long Devil and Beexlebub…  But it gets weirder…

Chinking toasts to eachother’s riches, the Bonemen dine on crockery and cutlery salvaged from the bunker of none other than Adolf Hitler.  Trinkets and momentous from 19th century Germany abound - including the skull of Indian chief GERONIMO which was illegally exhumed by none other than Prescott Bush - the grandpappy of W. Bush.

Many of the chosen secret names given to initiated Bonesmen are drawn from literature (Hamlet, Uncle Remus etc), some from religion, and also from myth. The banker Lewis Lapham passed on his name within the cult, ‘Sancho Panza’, to the political adviser Tex McCrary. Averell Harriman was ‘Thor’, whilst Henry Luce was ‘Baal’.  Like Boaz, Baal has Hebrew origins and again is a reference to a devil - one of the four princes of Hell is called Baal in medieval and post-medieval books of black magic.

If you are fresh to this information, then I urge you to watch my film series entitled THE ILLUMINATI which was the first to expose JOHN KERRY and GEORGE BUSH as being both members of this tiny cult - and that being 100% the truth - you can now realise and awaken to the fact that the KERRY v. BUSH US election was a FARCE - Kerry and Bush are ON THE SAME SIDE - the SIDE OF SATAN.

McGeorge Bundy was sworn in under the name of ‘Odin’. Odin is king of the Norse gods and king of the realm of death.

The name ‘Magog’ [Hebrew: מגוג] is traditionally assigned to the incoming Bonesman deemed to have had the most sexual experience, and ‘Gog’ goes to the new member with the least sexual experience. William Howard Taft and Robert Taft were Magogs. So, interestingly, was George Bush Senior. ‘Gog and Magog’, in the Hebrew Bible, are the prophesied invader of Israel and the land from which he comes, respectively; or, in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), ‘Gog and Magog’ are evil forces opposed to the people of God.  In Ezekiel 38, ‘Gog’ is an individual and ‘Magog’ is his land; in Genesis 10, ‘Magog’ is a man, but no ‘Gog’ is mentioned; and centuries later Jewish tradition changed Ezekiel's “’Gog’ from ‘Magog’” into "Gog and Magog", which is the form in which they appear in the Book of Revelation.  Baath mac Magog (Boath), Jobhath, and Fathochta are the three sons of Magog. Fenius Farsaid, Partholón, Nemed, the Fir Bolg, the Tuatha de Danann [Celtic fairies], and the Milesians are among Magog's descendants.

John Kerry is spearheading the global CARBON TAX…  Everything you buy and sell will have this tax, and you may not buy and sell without paying it.  This CARBON TAX will be taken direct from your wages. It is a GLOBAL tax which will steal from the poor and give to the rich.

Being the tallest of his year, John Kerry is known to his fellow cultists as the LONG DEVIL.

Like his fellow members, Kerry is a PUPPET of the Royal Elite who brainwash and instruct American politicians in secret.

ROBERT MUELLER is another Bonesmen - he waged legal war on the democratically elected administration of DONALD TRUMP. Trump was clever enough to employ a ‘friendly’ Bonesmen in the shape of Hollywood movie financier Steve Mnuchin.

The CARBON TAX will make the Bonesmen and their Masters richer than their wildest dreams… And cripple the economies of Africa and Asia.

Skull and Bones was originally a chapter of German ILLUMINATI Origin. The image of death, wearing a shroud and scickle is prominent - as are human skulls and real human bones which are illegally kept on campus and used in rituals.

JOHN KERRY has sworn lifelong obedience to his fellow BONESMEN - NOT the general public who supposedly he should serve in a democracy.

Skull and Bones exists for networking purposes, to further the careers of its members in Washington DC.   This small quasi-masonic Germanic cult has produced a great number of powerful and successful people, including William F. Buckley, Jr., Congressmen and Senators…

But no matter if they are ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican’ - the Bonesmen serve ONE master:  WAR and the bosses of the order referred to as the Great PATRIARCHS.

Many of the Neocons who staged 911 and then went on to wage ‘war’ in the Middle East as a ‘front’ to control Afghan poppies and Iraqi oil are Skull and Bonesmen.

Just like Templars, masons and O.T.O, the Bonesmen are historically foreign-based and do not care about the USA. That’s why MAGA hats are categorically prised as ‘HATE SPEECH’ on FakeBook.

Their ends justifies the means and leads to massive corruption. An "institutionalized sociological" excess of "elite deviancy" needs to be fuelled by bank balances with hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away. 

The great MAMON GOD of money praises Bonesmen for engineering wars which garnish the stock value of blue chip Defence Contractors. This has led the elite Bonesmen to believe that they are beyond the law - and they are - at least until TRUMP comes back and drains the swamp.  For nearly two centuries they have weilded corrupt political and economic power.  Bonesmen can act above the law… BUT THEY ARE ESSENTIALLY PUPPETS…

The Grand Secret Masters of the Bonesmen and all similar cults is within the European Germanic-Anglo Royalty - it is they who all taxes flow to. They print money.  They commit genocide.  It is they who are playing a real game of monopoly on the desert sands of Iraq and Libya…

JOHN KERRY and his little ‘Mini Me’ Greta are Heralding a new CARBON TAX - no one shall buy and sell without the MARK OF THE BEAST.

JOHN KERRY is personally appointed by Slow Joe Biden - but ultimately represents the BONESMEN.

In his books, British historian ANTHONY C SUTTON explains that the Order of the Skull & Bones “Are at war with planet Earth”.  Many Bonesmen have profited from the wholesale destruction of rain forests - and John Kerry is the royal puppet put in charge of fooling every nation stupid enough to sign the COP26 Glasgow and Paris Accords on Climate Change.

This pair are telling you to pay a new crippling CARBON TAX which will be added to every item you purchase and will be syphoned directly out of your pay check...

Supposedly, the trillions of dollars raised with the CARBON TAX will heal SIXTY YEARS of RAIN FOREST DESTRUCTION...

Of course, that's a lie...

Ecological 'projects' and charities have mostly been stealing your donations and looking the other way when tens of millions of acres of rain forest have been transformed into garden furniture and matches.

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