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Meet Putin's bum boys

President Zelensky was a TV comedian whose repertoire included exposing and making fun of Putin’s Ukrainian mafia - these are bum boy pals of Putin who were all served up generous portions of Putin’s fracked gas pie following the break-up of old Soviet Russia.  Putin’s buddies became billionaires over night. Collectively, they had propped-up one corrupt Ukrainian administration after another after another - that is - until a TV comedian shook up the political scene…

When the Ukrainian people voted for Zelensky - who was a TV comedian -  as their new president, Putin and his oligarch buddies - many of whom have second passports for Israel and the United States - arranged to have Zelensky’s top aide, Serhiy Shefir, ASSASSINATED.

Zelensky was an OUTSIDER who won the election.  Zelensky had generous support from some oligarchs in Putin’s mafia - but in-fighting has meant that some of the oligarchs have fallen foul of Putin and trod on the toes of eachother in their eagerness to buy-up fracked gas and flog it cheaply to China and Europe. One previous supporter of Zelensky is now running scared of jail time and a pressing court hearing in Moscow…


Zelensky launched, on Sept 23rd 2021, a new parliamentary law which bars "oligarchs" from politics. In other words, Putin’s old boy network of - mostly Hebrew - ‘Russian Mafia’ were being targeted by Zelensky - and cut out of government deals. The day after, an attempt to kill a top aide to President Zelenskiy, took place.

Zelenskiy says this law is necessary to protect the country from Putin’s powerful business mafia who installed puppet presidents on the throne of Ukraine following the 2014 people’s revolution.

Of course, the mainstream media failed to report the assassination attempt.  There has been a virtual ban on reporting about Ukraine cause the mainstream media are protecting Joke Biden and his corrupt business dealings.

Zelensky’s new law provides a definition for an oligarch and gives a body headed by the president, the National Security and Defence Council, the power to determine who meets the criteria of being an ‘oligarch’.

Oligarchs would be forbidden from financing political parties or taking part in privatisations. Top officials, including the president, prime minister and head of the Ukraine central bank, would be required to declare dealings they had with them…

Just before the final ratification, Putin’s tanks rolled into town.

Some oligarchs are on the side of the Ukrainian people - and some are with Putin - nearly all are Israeli-Ukrainian-Ashkenazi Hebrew businessmen.

Therefore, one could be forgiven for interpreting the “Z” on Putin’s tanks for ‘ZION’.

Putin has aligned himself with his Israeli-dual citizen mafia bosses by accusing factions in Ukraine of ‘Nazism’.

Since the tanks started blasting Babooshkas and apartment blocks all over Ukraine, Putin’s Russian Fracking mafia have come under intense scrutiny - and Her Majesty’s imperialist government are doing a thorough job seizing and de-monetizing billions of dollars worth of property owned by the various oligarchs who have defrauded the Ukrainian people for decades. After all, the British royals became rich by seizing properties!

It was only two years ago that Ukraine’s Israeli-Ashkenazi oligarchs managed to privatise the Ukrainian parliamentary system by buying up political parties and TV channels - its called ‘lobbying’ and JOKE BIDEN would know all about it. He went to Ukraine with a billion dollars in cash for Putin’s FRACKING INDUSTRY whilst promising to stop fracking back at home.

Zelensky’s policy is called “deoligarchization”.

Putin’s policy is called ‘de-Nazification’.

The Enigma Channel’s new film ‘THE NEW IRON CURTAIN’ shows what this pack of wolves - which includes CrackHead Biden - have done to defraud the good and brave people of Ukraine.

SILENT KILLER is a new full length feature documentary by CHRIS EVERARD which investigates claims about how the DNA of the Coronavirus cleavage site was patented three years before the Covid19 outbreak…  We also dig up footage from a decade ago showing Fauci pleading Congress for permission to perform Gain of Function weaponisation experiments.

Another new film...

Also new is our investigation into PUTIN, exposing him as a crony Good Ol’ Boy doing gas and oil deals with politicians, crackheads and former spies like himself…

THE NEW IRON CURTAIN is a new film investigating if Biden deliberately gave the TALIBAN $85 BILLION DOLLARS of weapons on the tarmac of Kabul airport [just like Obama air lifted weapons to ISIS] in order to cook up a war so that his cronies’ investments in Defense Contractors would soar in value…

We ask if newly signed gas deals between Putin, Biden and Merkel were the trigger for Putin to invade Ukraine…

Putin’s friends - the BIDEN FAMILY - are now seeing a new IRON CURTAIN designed to stifle all investigations and exposure of the DEEP STATE’S NEW WORLD ORDER.

Direct footage from UKRAINE shows this is a WAR ON THE PEOPLE - Putin and Biden have a long list of behind-closed-doors deals…

This is not a war between Ukrainian freedom fighters and Putin - it is a war on YOU.

This new Iron Curtain in Europe, this new COLD WAR, is just like the last one:  Behind the scenes, the Deep State’s puppet politicians blow-job eachother and quaff champagne - they have all signed-on to Putin’s cheap fracked gas, making millions on share deals behind the scenes.

The SUPERPOWERS of the 21st century do not see themselves as enemies - no - YOU are the enemy. TRUTH is the enemy. EXPOSURE OF CORRUPTION THROUGH FREEDOM OF THE PRESS is what they seek to achieve with the new Iron Curtain now that Coronavirus has outgrown its usefulness.


Off the coast of Brazil, a huge NAZI Submarine has been washed-up on the beach.  It is just one of many Nazi subs and U-boats which can be found scuttled on the coast of Mexico, central America and Latin American countries.  So far, no bodies or skeletons have been found on these vessels. That should come as no surprise to many South American people, who have witnessed the Nazification of their countries since the end of the second world war…

Many South American dictators have followed Nazi-style policies, with death squads, mass killings, genetic experiments, fake vaccine inoculations, secret laboratories, the wholesale embezzlement of people’s money by banks owned by German corporations, the widespread defoliation and poisoning of crops and forests, millions of school children missing and hundreds of thousands of babies trafficked worldwide to cults.

How did this all come to pass? Because Nazis fled to Latin America with the help of the Vatican and many war criminals ended up working for the CIA...

Colonies of Nazis were set up in more than half a dozen South American countries, and a man called Monsieur Citroen claims to have even met and spoken with ADOLF HITLER in 1955.

When batteries powered by a simple cup of tap water started selling on AliBaba, the boss of the website was suddenly and mysteriously KIDNAPPED...

Dozens of water-powered torches and flashlights were selling like hot cakes on AMAZON in the spring of 2021 - but suddenly most models of water-powered products were suddenly de-listed from AmazonUK and Amazon France's websites...


The Enigma Channel team investigate and demonstrate amazingly powerful torches all powered by water in our new film THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW...

But that's just the start...

Our HERETICS OF SCIENCE TV series demonstrates how electricity with huge voltages can be created by piling coins on top of eachother. We also showcase the fundamental principles of MAGNETIC PROPULSION and how LINEAR MAGNETIC MOTORS can be powered by WATER, or even powered by electricity which can be generated from garden soil!

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