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Killer robots deployed in Afghanistan

Here we go again...

The Biden administration is run by Mr JOHN KERRY.  Kerry is a cousin of the Bush family and one of the most obedient servants of the Anglo-Royal Commonwealth which control NATO and the 2.4 billion humans who live on 'Commonwealth' territories which are owned by the Royal Elite of Buckingham Palace.

'Taliban’ means ‘STUDENT’. 

Almost 20 years to the day of 911, the 'Taliban' are being used as a reason - yet again - to sacrifice brave soldiers on the altar of the All Seeing Eye...

...And even though the Taliban were handed millions of dollars of tax payers' money by Ronnie Reagan, these pesky students threaten the OPIUM CROPS which have been at the centre of Buckingham Palace's global domination plan for centuries.

Did you know the British government have gone to war with Chine THREE TIMES over OPIUM?

Afghan Opium is why Hannibal led the elephants over the mountains and why Alexander the Great invaded India.

Ever since the Russians attempted to steal Her Majesty’s opium crops in Afghanistan, way back in 1979, guerrilla warfare in the Afghan mountains has become an irksome way of life for Afghani villagers.

Opium has triggered THREE WARS between China and Britain - and it looks like this commodity, which has been signalled by the World Health Organisation as being responsible for the DEATH of millions of people, and the addiction of millions more to prescription over-the-counter OPIOID PILLS - will be the cause of yet another war. 

Yes, another opium war in Afghanistan.

The war starts today.   ...But this no ordinary war...

KILLER ROBOTS are likely to be deployed in the foothills of Afghanistan.

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