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Killer cops go on rampage...

Politicians lament GEORGE FLOYD but say nothing about the minivan filled with kids which was shot at by five cops - one cop lost his job - but should be in prison for attempted murder.

Every day people are harassed and threatened by cops just because their FACE DON'T FIT... And it's happening in many countries - including Britain, where countless people have had back and neck injuries by cops kneeling on them...

It's not just the killer cop who needs to get the DEATH SENTENCE for murder - it's the WHOLE GOD DAMN SYSTEM which taught these killer cops that its OK to murder innocent people...

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Our series of SPIRITWORLD documentaries explore how many billionaires have collections of these Voodoo dolls - and that CURSING THE WHOLE OF MANKIND is very much at the core of their ‘dog eat dog’ mentality which epitomises the Judeo-Satanic aristocracy.

  • I believe that Nelson Rockefeller’s son was eaten alive by cannibals was NO ACCIDENT or QUIRK of FATE. Was he part & parcel of an age-old Babylonian Judeo-Satanic tradition where to gain riches, you had to sacrifice one of your children…? 

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