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This TV special takes you deep into the world of the MAFIA...

The cartel of Mafia Bosses were ruled-over not by Sicilians - but by Ukrainian and Russian Jews - yes - they financed the careers of many politicians, senators and lawyers... They also ASSASSINATED politicians and were secretly contracted by the CIA...

No other TV network dares to investigate MURDER INCORPORATED which is the name of the organisation managed from Tel Aviv which earned so much money that the Godfather of the American-Israeli MAFIA purchased an entire SWISS BANK in order to hide his cash!

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The Enigma Channel's new documentary film compares the design of the DJED PILLAR with Alessandro Volta's VOLTAIC CELL BATTERY which was invented in 1800, shortly after Napolean's Egypt expedition returned with very detailed etchings and drawings of Dendera Temple and other famous Nile temples.

The Djed Pillar is meant to be the 'spine' or 'backbone' of Osiris - I consider this to be a classic translation error - the Djed Pillar is said to have brought stability to the Pharaohnic nation of Egypt - but what has that got to do with a spine?

"GLOBAL KULL 2020" is a hard hitting investigation which exposes the exaggerated statistics and unfair laws of governments who are promising a VACCINE for Coronavirus... 

But as our new documentary 'GLOBAL KULL' shows, some vaccines have triggered a global health crisis.

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David Icke, Chris Everard, Michael Tellinger, Jim Marrs, Anthony Hilder, Jordan Maxwell, Linda Moulton-Howe and many other top authors and researchers are featured in our investigative documentaries... 

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THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has 20 years’ worth of films and TV shows in our massive archive - we’re the first, and biggest global channel investigating ancient history, covert politics, cults, the occult and many other subjects.

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