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is the Great Pyramid an EARTH BATTERY?

New markings have been discovered in the 'Gattenbrink' shaft of the Great Pyramid.

They reside on the floor of a small enclosed chamber at the end of a shaft from the Queens Chamber.

CHRIS EVERARD presents the HERETICS TV series where we investigate if the Great Pyramid of Giza is a 'STUBBLEFIELD EARTH BATTERY'.

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The markings may in fact be drips containing rust or some kind of catalytic chemical - possibly a strong vinegar.

Above the marks there are two metal hoops penetrating a stone block which separates the shaft from the small chamber.

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This is the first film to explore the fact that Quartz can produce an electrical reaction when in contact with water - this was only discovered in 2017! 

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Quartz is also distinguished as a gem that is capable of triboluminescence, or the ability to create light under pressure. 

This mystery light is not electricity in the form that we know it, but it is often mistaken as such. The most prominent scientific theory is that it is caused by the separation of chemical and electrical bonds…

This is not some wonky film of people stumbling around the pyramids - this is a scientifically-based film which takes you on a voyage of discovery spanning thousands of years…

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