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is the election rigged?

Allegedly, her own MENSTRUAL BLOOD is an ingredient in her own 'perfume'...

Her perfume is called 'MONSTER'...

She wears a dress made of bloody meat...

And she endorses JOKE BIDEN for president...

One of the Obama daughters had been handed over to Harvey Weinstein's office, and worked there as an intern during the exact time period that many actresses were abused. 

The Obamas were cited by Harvey Weinstein as being suitable 'heirs' to the Weinstein movie company when Harvey was locked-up. 

Hollywood executives were asking ‘WTF do the Obamas know about making movies?’ 

It’s a good question… The answers will shock you...

'HOW TO RIG AN ELECTION' is a new documentary by Chris Everard which investigates the roots of the KKK and the Biden campaign

The only qualification the Obamas had for becoming the new bosses of the Weinstein company was allowing their teenage daughter to be alone in an office with Harvey Weinstein...!

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They were in good company - because Harvey Weinstein and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein were guests of honour at a party to celebrate the birthday of another young girl - this time the daughter of Prince Andrew…

Why did STANLEY KUBRICK die after a night visiting a stately home owned by the Rothschilds? Set-up your subscription by clicking here

Why would Hillary & Obama use a pizza parlour to host fund-raisers for the Democrats that had painted murals of naked witches and decapitated people on the walls?

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Presidential candidate, JOE BIDEN, had a political mentor who actually recruited 150 members to the Klan and presided over his own 'Klavern' lodge...

Many of those KKK members had prominent jobs and government contracts in Washington...

The FAKE NEWS team go deeper into research than any other investigative TV show... 

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