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is Big Tech censoring us?

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It's no secret that all our browsing data and even the content of our emails and messages are being SOLD by BIG TECH without our permission.

Yes, everyone today knows that BIG TECH spies on its users...

But the NEXT STAGE has begun...

Now, we have Senators, Congressmen and House Representatives claiming that BIG TECH is CENSORING THEM... And businesses claiming their BANK PAYMENT SYSTEMS have been BLOCKED.

Many family businesses are experiencing weird anomalies with their PAYMENT GATEWAYS. 

Customers are being blocked when they try and pay independent companies and organisations.



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I wish I could say 'Happy New Year' but unfortunately, 2021 has begun with hundreds of thousands of votes from DEAD PEOPLE being certified on January 6th. This is no longer a 'Democrat' vs. 'Republican' problem. My research reveals that any government who dares to improve the quality of Life for working class people is likely to be hijacked. What has happened in the USA is just the tiny tip of a gargantuan iceberg of governmental corruption.

My new film is already in production, it is one of the most challenging films I have made because it digs deep into the question of DEMOCRACY not just in the USA but investigates how votes have been manipulated throughout the ages in many different countries.

My film is called AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2021 and it is the only film so far ever put into production which investigates the invisible tentacles stretching across the Atlantic, which have sought to interfere and manipulate governments in Canada and the Americas for decades.

What my film will show is that some of the Founding Fathers were members of blood cults in Europe - and that they are puppets to a ROYAL DEEP STATE - and that this Deep State is stage managed from outside the USA by aristocrats whose families made fortunes from SLAVERY.

Today, their tentacles are DIGITAL, having successfully bought controlling shares in BIG TECH which has been 'weaponized' against working class people.

I rarely ever ask my Followers for help or donations - all I ask is that you all subscribe to the ENIGMA CHANNEL and that allows my team who work 7 days a week to bring you the deepest investigative films and TV shows out there.

We plough every penny back into making TV shows and films which are the perfect antidote to the brain-numbing banality of the mainstream media. 

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