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Inside the Vatican Illuminati

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The pope is a member of LOS ALLUMBRADOS - which means 'The Illuminati'... 

This Vatican Illuminati cabal have worked hand-in-glove with the Israeli government to stop billions of people from knowing what the DEAD SEA SCROLLS actually say...  

Discovered 75 years ago, the Dead Sea Scrolls contain 'divine knowledge' and the earliest known hand-written portions of the Bible - and some of that knowledge comes from a group who called themselves THE SONS OF DAWN... 

One member of that group became famous - we know him today as JESUS...

Jesus and the Sons of Dawn have been CENSORED from history - but Chris Everard traces their writings, and the source of their mystical knowledge - which, amazingly, were PSYCHEDELIC PLANTS - yes, it was the hallucinations from these sacred weeds which inspired the Dead Sea Scrolls...

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“Stone Age Psychedelia is a remarkable book”
~ Lionel Fanthorpe, presenter of ForteanTV, Channel4 television, UK

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is delivered with a free two hour film on twin DVDs filmed & presented by CHRIS EVERARD in Egypt.

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* 500 pages, Full Colour chapter, 100+ illustrations, full Index, plus 2hour documentary film

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