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The cancer virus and the Medical Mafia

The blogosphere is filled with allegations that Mr Gates has been blocked by INDIA from jabbing anymore citizens with his, er, 'vaccines'

You could be forgiven for supposing that BILL GATES has a lot in common with Nazi war criminal KURT BLOME. Why? Because both Gates and Blome have researched how to genetically modify mosquitos to inject unwitting victims; Blome engineered ‘plague mosquitos’ for the Third Reich and Gates funded the Burkino Faso project which released mosquitos into the wild which carried the CRISPR GENE DRIVE nano technology - supposedly to reduce Malaria.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg... The ENIGMA CHANNEL's 'MEDICAL MAFIA' TV series reveals deeper, better researched information about these, er, 'vaccines' than ever before... 

Back in 2014, a staggering 2.3m women were jabbed in Kenya with a ‘vaccine’ that was found to contain an ABORTION DRUG... Many have been left sterile... This, ladies & gentlemen is called EUGENICS...

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Kenya is a British commonwealth country. The vaccine project was supposedly meant to protect them from tetanus. Tetanus acts like a powerful poison, spreading throughout the body causing spasms, stiffness and arching of the spine. Ultimately, breathing becomes difficult, the spasms occur more frequently, and in 70 to 100 percent of the cases, mothers and infants die a tortuous death. Tetanus can be triggered when someone cuts themselves on a rusty nail or pricks themselves on a rose thorn.

  • This Kenyan vaccine was tested by the World Health Organisation and found to contain an ABORTION DRUG - a drug which the World Health Organisation actually engineered in its own labs way back in 1976. 

The Kenyan vaccine was part of an initiative which Bill Gates brags about on his Foundation website which said in 1999; “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation joins BD (Becton Dickinson), the world's leading manufacturer of injection devices, as a major contributor to this effort. The program aims to raise $100 million from a variety of partners to immunize 100 million women by 2005”. 

This suggests that Bill’s wonder drugs have been pumped into the arms of women in Africa for the last 15 years.

KURT BLOME is featured in our MEDICAL MAFIA TV series - he weaponised mosquitos for Hitler and made experimental CANCER VIRUSES... But don't worry - rather than standing trial for war crimes, he was given a plush house in the USA and recruited to develop even more horrific bio-weapons

The Enigma Channel's MEDICAL MAFIA TV series goes way deeper than anything you'll ever find on YouTube or Netflix - we show you how the VACCINE SCAM was first started with experimental horrific experiments on children by Dr Joseph Mengele

Our MEDICAL MAFIA TV series traces the VACCINE SCAM in which Big Pharma engineers a killer virus in a laboratory so they can make billions selling the vaccine... 

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