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IG Farben and the Covid industry

DOCTOR ROBERT MALONE is the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology and he has been BANNED BY TWITTER...

Are Twitter doctors? Nope.

Are Twitter better qualified than the doctor himself? Nope.

More to the point - is it actually 'legal' for Big Tech to CENSOR and BAN the opinion and published tweets and posts from doctors and the public? Nope. In fact, everyone's posts are PROTECTED BY LAW and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is written into the constitution of many nations...

This week, the MEDICAL MAFIA investigation team uncover documents and scientific research papers on the NIH's own website which show very serious AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE can be triggered by mRNA vaccine technology...

But wait - Whatever happened to BLUE CRAB BLOOD?

Blue crab blood was touted across the mainstream media as this MIRACLE MEDICINE.

It's miracle healing property was that it was a brilliant COAGULENT - yes it made blood clot together...

But after being featured on the Enigma Channel, the mainstream media suddenly pulled all their propaganda about how thousands of prehistoric crabs are 'milked' of blue blood!

Could it be that Blue Crab Blood is the coagulent causing BLOOD CLOTS?

In the spring of 2021, TWELVE NATIONS BANNED OR SUSPENDED SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR COVID VACCINES... But the mainstream media failed to report it...

It would be obvious to any intelligent person who has watched the MEDICAL MAFIA TV series that the danger we are facing is not the virus - but the vaccine.

BLOOD CLOTS have caused many deaths - so many, in fact, that vaccination roll-outs in several countries have come to a standstill.

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We are in a tug-of-war: on the one side we have the mainstream media 'project fear' and on the other a campaign to inform and educate as many people as possible about the mysterious and worrisome history of pharmaceutical corporations, such as;

a/. I.G. Farben 

b/. Bayer 

c/. Monsanto 


d/. the colossal number of families who have been injured and killed by various 'vaccines'.

These corporations are not ever mentioned on the mainstream - and yet Bayer [who hold the trademark for 'Heroin'] and Monsanto [who were accused of killing honey bee populations, and who invented the AGENT ORANGE defoliant poison in Viet Nam] have recently merged into one giant mega-corporation.

If you have read Chris Everard's book 'DARK PLANET', then you will see that Bayer knowingly sold vials of its blood products containing AIDS in the 1980s causing the death of thousands upon thousands and spreading the AIDS pathogen globally...

It seems highly likely that Bayer [which used to be part of IG Farben, owning its own concentration camp and employing Dr Joseph Mengele] is going to be collaborating on some kind of Covid treatment. 

Bill Gates has teamed with Mark Zuckerberg - neither of whom have a medical qualification - WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

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DARK PLANET is CHRIS EVERARD'S book about the Medical Mafia. 

DARK PLANET investigates the NAZI-style stringent laws which were suddenly introduced by many governments around the world, supposedly to stop a pandemic - but in fact helped to spread a contagion.

LOCAL TRAVEL was mostly banned with 6pm curfews across Europe - meanwhile, many airports stayed open - and still to this day, you can drive across national borders in Europe and there are no medical checkpoints - however, local villages and towns and family businesses have been brought to the brink of bankruptsy.

But it's not just NAZI laws we have to worry about - it seems that the coronavirus vaccine is likely to be manufactured by corporations with nasty NAZI ties...

DARK PLANET is a FACT-PACKED digital book with 100+ photos, diagrams and maps which tells you everything you need to know about the NEW WORLD ORDER and how CORONAVIRUS is being used as an excuse to usher-in draconian new laws in dozens of countries.


"DARK PLANET" is the sequel to my book DEEP STATE - and it shows that Bio/Chemical Weapons have been engineered in labs by NAZIS - and that the children and grand-children of many Nazis are now prominent politicians. 

I take you deep behind the scenes of the TAX HAVEN 'Foundations' which have been developing GENE DRIVES - which are a new technology partly funded by BILL GATES and JEFFREY EPSTEIN".

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