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Howard Hughes, Elvis, MJ12 and the Deep State

“Sir, I have Elvis on Line three for you”. “Hello?”

The unmistakable, slightly slurred, very polite southern drawl of the King of Rock’n’Roll was loud and clear on the speaker-phone. 

“Sir, I just want to thank you... Thank you for giving me this opportunity to perform at your casino-theatre here in Vegas...”

A weak and croaky voice replied via the speaker-phone “Elvis..... Have you.... Have you ever taken this new thing.... It’s called LSD...?”

[static crackle - long pause] Elvis takes a deep breath... 

“Well, uh, sir... I want to be honest with you... I did meet those Beatles boys from Liverpool... John Lennon I believe is the leader’s name... He, well yes, he and his manager, Mr Ep- stein... They came back stage and we sang some gospel songs and I was kinda curious about where they got their inspiration..."

And that is just the start of Chris Everard's digital book DEEP STATE...

The DEEP STATE is a truly weird world - where Hollywood moguls like Howard Hughes rub shoulders with Elvis, Sinatra, Howard Hughes, Hitler, Princes, Dukes, Einstein, Majestic12, JFK, Satanists, CIA spies and even alien research scientists at Area51...

Chris Everard's DEEP STATE book takes you through 100 years of secret history, teaching you things the Super-Rich don't want you to know...

“Chris Everard has helped to push forward information which the public have greatly benefitted from”

~ Fritz Springmeier

DEEP STATE is $5. It will be digitally delivered to you TODAY. Learn more and order by clicking this link

Chris Everard's DEEP STATE is a digital book which will be delivered instantly to your SmartPhone, Mac or PC.

DEEP STATE is $5. It will be digitally delivered to you TODAY.

Learn more and order by clicking this link

DEEP STATE by Chris Everard investigates SECRET SPACE PROJECTS, Psychic contact experiments with extraterrestrials, Howard Hughes, Elvis, the C.I.A., FBI UFO files, VRIL power and a whole load more subjects from the CIA files.

Learn more and order by clicking this link

Get DEEP STATE delivered digitally to your Mac, PC or Smartphone today

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