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How we awoke two billion people

Remastered and extended version of THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY is now streaming on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL

"I wanted to make a movie which would be the first ever film to show people the GOETIA and GRIMOIRE books of black magic. The GOETIA is the 'Bible" of Satanists. Before my film THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY was released, no one knew about Grimoires and hardly no one knew the word "ILLUMINATI" - well, they do now!" 

                                                                                                 ~ CHRIS EVERARD, British author & film director

"Mind Blowing!"

        ~ Nexus Magazine

"THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY was released on 06•06•06 - the 6th of June 2006 - it was specifically designed to throw a spanner in the Satanic Network of Secret Societies. AND IT WORKED!"

~ Huff Post

The Enigma Channel is far more than just a TV Network - we have triggered an amazing global revolution in the way people see the Mainstream News - entire new grassroots movements - such as the Gillet Jaunes - have been inspired by documentaries aired on the Enigma Channel...

We began broadcasting more than 20 years ago - a full seven years before YouTube ever started...

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For example, our MEDICAL MAFIA TV series has highlighted the bizarre and illogical LOCKDOWN policies of governments...

Remember - it is not the virus which bankrupted 55,000 small businesses - it is the government POLICY which has caused havoc.

Remember when BLUE CRAB BLOOD was trumpeted by the media as being the best COAGULANT - meaning it turns blood thicker - like a BLOOD CLOT...?  

Instantaneously, after being featured in an Enigma Channel MEDICAL MAFIA TV program, the 'miracle cure' of blue crab blood was dropped from the mainstream media lies.

In fact, BLOOD CLOTS have become a 'non subject' on the mainstream media.

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We plough every penny back into making TV shows and films which are the perfect antidote to the brain-numbing banality of the mainstream media. What other TV station dedicates an entire TV series to exposing Luciferian witch cults, grimoires and the Goetia?

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