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How to attract angels

For some reason, Christians get annoyed when I remind them that Moses psychically channelled the first five books of the Old Testament. 

Psychic 'channeling' is frowned upon by many modern Christians - and yet, it is telepathy and psychic communication that is at the bedrock of SHAMANISM - and Shamanism is the root of all the religions we have today...

Moses was a psychic who lived amongst the Pharaohs. Over time, the magical Mystery School brotherhoods along the Nile overthrew the rightful Pharaohnic rulers of Egypt.

Centuries later, almost at the very start of mechanised printing, magical spells purportedly to have been handed down from Moses himself began to appear in astrological Almanacs, sold on the streets of Paris for a penny...

A whole body of psychic and talismanic magic has grown up in occult libraries - all supposedly based on the sixth, seventh and eighth book of visionary and apocryphal magick created by Moses.

But what the history books have failed to tell Christians, is that at least some of this extra supplementary occult writing - which today we call 'Grimoires' - came from the same pen as the original five books of the Old Testament!

...And these Grimoires have magical formula which attract angels and spirits...

There are more than a dozen books which have been censored from the Bible. 

There are at least seven Books of Moses, and these explain advanced magical spells which show you how to protect yourself from danger and how to gather good luck so you can prosper.

These lost Books of Moses were studied by the ‘Magi’ of the Holy Lands, 1,300 years before Jesus Christ was said to have performed magical miracles and have psychic contact with the Holy Ghost.

Moses telepathically channelled the first five books of the Old Testament. He wrote several more books - but these have not been included in the Bible - and until the publication of STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA, most people had ‘forgotten’ [or never even knew] that Moses wrote a ton of stuff which somehow was ‘banned’ from the Bible…

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the ‘lost’ Books of Moses, which were written whilst Moses was in a hallucinogenically influenced state of mind.

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA by CHRIS EVERARD investigates the history of hallucinogenic herbs and magical ritual which has been CENSORED for thousands of years…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a 518 page mega-book with 150 diagrams, maps and photos plus a full colour chapter with photos from Chris Everard’s expeditions to Egypt, Ireland, Spain and many other countries.

It is delivered with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING [no hidden postal charges] and is available from GumRoad books.

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