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How the Superstate works

THE CONSPIRACY FILES is an investigative TV series presented by CHRIS EVERARD. The series was inspired by the movie SUPERSTATE which you can stream right now on the ENIGMA CHANNEL...

SUPERSTATE is a full two hour movie streaming right now on the Enigma Channel - watch alongside the CONSPIRACY FILES TV series... They reveal the true history of elitist fascism throughout history.

Harry HOUDINI and secret tunnels under the Hollywood Hills, LSD trafficking amongst celebrities, CHARLES MANSON and how the PROTOCOLS of the WISE MEN of ZION is actually the FIRST DOCUMENT in history which describes INOCULATING POPULATIONS WITH DISEASES - and yet the Protocols are described by the London Times as a ‘hoax’…

All this and a lot more are investigated in our "Conspiracy Files” TV series featuring JERI RICE, a Washington DC insider and Hollywood film director EDMUND DRUILHET.

  • DID YOU KNOW that HITLER invented CHEMTRAILS? DID YOU KNOW that ELVIS PRESLEY'S favourite book was about aliens visiting prehistoric earth? DID YOU KNOW that President Gerald Ford was using a FAKE NAME all the time he was in the White House?

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