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Hitler was hypnotised

Erik Jan Hanussen published an occult magazine in Berlin, which included astrological prophecies and pictures of naked showgirls...

Hanussen purchased a mansion, which he named 'The Palace of the Occult'. 

Hanussen was a financier of the Nazi movement. 

He was employed as Hitler's mind-control handler who taught Hitler how to capture an audience's attention using hand gestures and facial expressions... 

He also hosted pedophile parties for Nazis...

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But Hanussen was - just like Hitler - using a fake name - because both Hanussen and Hitler came from Jewish families...

Hitler was so paranoid that people would find out that his friend and mind-control handler was Jewish that Hitler sent a squad of 200 soldiers to his own home-town to destroy photos of himself being trained by Hanussen and also to destroy photos of his own family!

Those photos survived and have rarely ever been published - it's the first time in the 21st century that these rare photos of Hitler being taught facial expressions and hand gestures have been published...

It's just one of many jaw-dropping facts in Chris Everard's book 'MEET THE HITLERS'...

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Hanussen was a master of HYPNOTISM - and in Chris Everard's book 'MEET THE HITLERS' we learn that Hanussen was just one of six Jewish mystics who had psychic control over Hitler. 

This coven of kabbalists and occultists guided Hitler... And led him to launch a catastrophic war which ended with the atomic bombing of Japan...

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Bizarre & Ironic Facts of WWII:

The boss of the German air force bombing Jewish communities in East London was himself Jewish!

Heinrich Himmler‘s great-niece married an Israeli Jewish man and Adolf Hitler’s half-brother became a Rabbi and lived happily ever after in Israel!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s sisters married senior SS officers - but they all claim to be descended from King Solomon of ancient Israel!

Around 20 Nazi soldiers of Jewish heritage were awarded the Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest military honor!

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