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Hitler's Princess Spy

One of the great horrors of World War II is to imagine a glamorous Princess unzipping Hitler's pants and sucking on his flacid member. As the song goes "Hitler only had one ball, Himmler had none at all!" for the promiscuous princess, blow-jobbing the top brass of the Third Reich must have been quite a disappointment.

Princess Stephanie Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingfürst was one of the most ardent Nazis, pushing the appeasement policy, urging American politicians to force the British people to accept a pact with Hitler; she was the most daring and most beautiful SPY of the Third Reich... And she was Jewish.

Her royal blow-jobs made Hitler putty in her hand, as it were, and so Hitler 'Aryanized' her. This Jewish debutante claimed with hateful virulence at every opportunity until her dying days that a Nazi dictatorship would have been 'good for Europe'!

MEET THE HITLERS is a digital book by CHRIS EVERARD which proves - using original documents from the Berlin national archives - that a 'secret pact' was done at the end of World War II - part of the deal is that Europe would still be amalgamated into a undemocratic SuperState - just as Hitler had planned - and today CHILDREN OF NAZIS are the top bosses of the 'European Union'.

MEET THE HITLERS exposes the fact that CRUELTY and FAMILY WEALTH gave you rank and honour in the Nazi regime - not your creed or race. Hitler himself had a Jewish grandmother and most of the financiers of the Third Reich claimed heritage from ancient Israel!

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In 1938, the Nazis confiscated Leopoldskron castle in Salzburg, which had been owned by theatre director Max Reinhardt and Hermann Goering gave Princess Stephanie the grand property as a gift. How ironic that the Third Reich, which was funded by Hebrew-aristocrats of the Bavarian and British royal families would steal a castle from a Jewish man and give it as a gift to a Jewish Princess! It sums up the sardonic, hateful and contradictory bullshit within Hitler's Inner Circle.

MEET THE HITLERS is a new book which exposes how Hitler, Himmler and the top Nazi brass were all from Hebrew families. Princess Stephanie was finally placed on house arrest by advice of the FBI. She had fresh oysters and caviar delivered daily, and even continued to promote the idea that the British government and Nazi governments join forces. She continued to live a full and luxurious life, eventually dying, still lauding the merits of Nazism!


MEET THE HITLERS is a 170 page digital book with 200+ photos and documents straight from the German archives... 

“Chris Everard’s new book is more than just about Hitler - it goes deeper into the Illuminati than any other book ever published. It is an untold EPIC HISTORY of World War II”
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Bizarre & Ironic Facts of WWII:

  • The boss of the German air force bombing Jewish communities in East London was himself Jewish!
  • Heinrich Himmler‘s great-niece married an Israeli Jewish man and Adolf Hitler’s half-brother became a Rabbi and lived happily ever after in Israel!
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s sisters married senior SS officers - but they all claim to be descended from King Solomon of ancient Israel!

  • Hitler was so paranoid that people would find out that his friend and mind-control handler was Jewish that Hitler sent a squad of 200 soldiers to his own home-town to destroy photos of himself being trained by a Jewish clairvoyant and also to destroy photos of Hitler's own Jewish family!

170 pages

200+ illustrations, maps, documents and photos

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