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Hitler and the Illuminati

Like Superman, who wore his underpants outside his tights, ADOLF HITLER was portrayed as a 'Super-Man' - a 'God' - by the newsreels of the Nazi era.

However, today's mainstream media deliberately avoid telling us that Hitler was FINANCED by members of the British and German Royal Families.

In fact, senior NAZI, Heinrich Himmler was the god-son of Prince Heinrich of Bavaria - and in this digital book by CHRIS EVERARD, we see the tangled, torrid, evil and bizarre private life of Hitler and top Nazis uncovered for the first time.

This is a heavily illustrated book with pinch-zoom of images and text and word-search - compatible with every smartphone and computer.

To the general public, the medieval Witch Hunts were targeting Pagans and Herbalists - but the truth of the matter is that the main sector of society who were persecuted were ‘Wandering Jews’ whose books on Gematria, Numerology & Curses were confiscated by the Vatican...

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The Vatican was called ‘The Holy Roman Empire’ and it was stage-managed by the noble aristocratic houses of Germany. The Vatican library and these German Dukes, Princes and Kaisers had the biggest library on Medieval Pornography and thousands of books on Black Magic which had been confiscated during the Witch Hunts…

These German Royals eventually controlled most of the thrones in Europe - including the ‘Windsors’ at Buckingham Palace and the Russian Romanovs… And they set-up an occult ministry in government to study ancient Babylonian magic and the RUNES of Scandinavia.

Their central cult was called the SS who bred an ‘ELOY’ sacrificial race of blonde-haired, blue-eyed victims…

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“Chris Everard’s new book is more than just about Hitler - it goes deeper into the Illuminati than any other book ever published. It is an untold EPIC HISTORY of World War II”
~ Hidden History blog

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Bizarre & Ironic Facts of WWII:

The boss of the German air force bombing Jewish communities in East London was himself Jewish!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s sisters married senior SS officers - but they all claim to be descended from King Solomon of ancient Israel!

Around 20 Nazi soldiers of Jewish heritage were awarded the Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest military honour!

Heinrich Himmler‘s great-niece married an Israeli Jewish man and Adolf Hitler’s half-brother became a Rabbi and lived happily ever after in Israel!

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