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Hello, my name is CHRIS EVERARD - MY NEW TV SERIES is NOT just about WITCHES - it covers 1000+ years of history and includes my investigation into 'DEMON PORN' and the 'SAGE' Think Tank advising several governments about Covid19. My new TV mini-series is called ALL OF THEM WITCHES. 

I travelled far and wide with my cameras, asking questions which the DEEP STATE, Wikipedia & Royal Family would rather have forgotten in the mists of time... Like, WHY WERE THE JEWS EXPELLED FROM EUROPE IN THE MEDIEVAL ERA? The answer which I discovered during the making of my TV series is that Jewish mystics were targeted because they had launched a multi-million dollar medieval industry in SELLING CURSES and also SELLING POISONS.

Entire communities were held to ransom by way of poisoning wells, streams and putting hallucinogens into bread dough eaten by villagers. I investigate the Kabbalistic and pre-kabbalistic Jewish magic which equates BACTERIA and VIRUSES with being DEMONS...

In fact, I discovered that tens of thousands of Jews were imprisoned in medieval ghettos, such as Venice, and Pezenas in the south of France and Shakespeare and Marlowe wrote about the Jewish ghettos and the cursing industry. Officially, in the 1100s through to the 1600s, Babylonian astrology, cursing, hexes, the 'EVIL EYE' of Judah and hallucinogenic medieval 'date rape' love drug potions were all outlawed by the Vatican and the medieval royal families... But the reality is that many of these Jewish mystic Witches in Europe's ghettos were EMPLOYED BY KINGS - such as Emperor Rudolf of Bohemia...

Rabbis in my TV series confirm the EVIL EYE is indeed a reality. And you'll see via my visits to many museums that there were so many millions of curses placed on people and businesses that there was an equally large 'anti-curse' trade in what are known as WITCH BOTTLES. My TV series is the first to put WITCH BALLS on film which warded-off the EVIL EYE curses purchased in the Jewish ghetto of Pezenas - these WITCH BALLS evolved over the centuries to become the CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS...

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Even though witchcraft was officially outlawed back in the medieval era - secretly, behind palace doors, witches, wizards, rabbis and Romany soothsayers were employed writing the horoscopes of the kings and queens… 

And summoning demons which would possess the body of a target person and infect them with bad luck and disease.

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Today, during the Covid19 crisis, Boris Johnson is taking advice from SAGE - a think tank of 'wise men'…

Is it just a coincidence?

ALL OF THEM WITCHES is an epic TV series which combines 20+ years of research by CHRIS EVERARD...

Filmed in many countries, ALL OF THEM WITCHES brings you bang up to date with the COVID pandemic, and how a Parliamentary Committee just admitted that the Westminster government actually helped spread the virus... Just like British witches did in the Medieval era.

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