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Right now, billions of people on planet earth are believers in religions whose main 'prophets' had 'visions'...

These 'visions' are at the very root of Islam and Christianity.

But what triggered these 'visions'?

Syrian Rue is a plant which has inspired Shamans since the dawn of time. Syrian Rue was used by prophets and soothsayers in Palestine during the time of Jesus.

It is a fascinating plant rich in hallucinogenic Harmine and Harmaline alkaloids which grows in many scrubby desert areas of the Near East. 

Harmine, is also known as telepathine, and is a fluorescent harmala alkaloid which glows in the dark!

Telepathy, the EYE OF RA and communication between African tribes and extraterrestrials is featured in the FORBIDDEN TV series which is now streaming on the Enigma Channel 

In my ForbiddenTV series, which was wiped and deleted from YouTube by Google themselves, I am proud to say, telepathine was for the first time properly investigated on film and you can watch the uncensored full-length episodes on the Enigma Channel

Syrian Rue is mentioned along with mint (which is used by Shamans to catalyze Syrian Rue's hallucinogenic properties) in the Book of Luke, so we know that its psychedelic powers were common knowledge during the time of Jesus. To this day, Syrian Rue seeds are collected and used for divinatory purposes by Bedouin Shamans in Palestine and Jordan.

All these biblical 'VISION PLANTS' are investigated in my 518 page book STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA.

The Holy Bible has direct references to many psychoactive plant species, such as Syrian Rue and Mandrake.

In fact, the Bible contains no less than 76 references to various plants, 31 direct references to 'herbs'; 'vines' are mentioned 48 times and the drinking of wine is described on no less than 153 different occasions

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