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Grimoire books of magic and the kabbalah

The Merkavah, or Kabbalah system of magick earned its practitioners an envied reputation of being extremely powerful Jewish Wizards. 

The Merkaba is a plastic, molten psycho-spiritual realm, made from an infinite number of bisecting and intersecting tetrahedrons. 

Manipulation of the Merkaba by well trained magicians can result in the manifestation of three dimensional objects & ectoplasmic forms... 

It's like Spiritual 3D Printing!

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a 518 page book which investigates how Astrology, Astronomy, Hallucinogenic Plants and Magic inspired prehistoric architecture - such as the building of MAGIC CIRCLES for rituals which took place in caves 42,000BC

In the Dark Ages and Renaissance, Hebrew brotherhood members were called 'Cohen' which means 'brother'. 

The writings of the Cohen Covens led to the adoption of large tracts of Judaic material being implemented in the spells of the European books called 'Grimoires'. 

The Grimoires are required reading for all black magicians and exist in hand-copied form amongst the libraries owned by present day royal families in Europe and also occupy shelves at the Beinecke Library on the campus of Yale University...

Some grimoire magical rituals date back to prehistory, and the performance of magic and summoning spirits inspired SHAMANISM which evolved into the religions and sciences we have today.

Grimoires contain the names and calling signs - called SIGILS - of every major demon and angel... 

The 'Evil Ones' are 'husks' or 'shells' of misinformed spiritual entities which were spun off from the initial explosive formation of all the planets. 

...And since stone age times, evil cult-priesthoods have attempted to invoke these Evil Ones to plague and conflict with Mankind's 'Higher Self'.

And that's just the start of STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA - a 518 page book and 2hour film by CHRIS EVERARD. It is delivered with two DVDs.

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* 518 pages, Full Colour chapter with a dozen colour plates, 100+ illustrations, full Index, plus 2hour documentary film

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“This book is much more professionally produced than your average book - it has a full color chapter and every page is illustrated - it’s not just a great read - with plenty of humorous and astonishing observations - but Chris Everard has managed to condense hundreds of thousands of years of human history into a book which you literally cannot put down and laugh at on nearly every page. Chris has an easy readable, witty style, which is so lacking in most books on ancient history”

~ Ancient Earth blog

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