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Grimoire books of black magic and the royals

Did you know King Charles II of England sipped 'The King’s Drops' containing powdered human skull and alcohol? 

Powdered HUMAN SKULLS have been a common ingredient in medicines brewed for the super-wealthy elite... 

17th-century aristocrats brewed a drink made of powdered human skull and chocolate. 

The ENIGMA CHANNEL has more investigative documentaries about magical GRIMOIRE books of black magic than any TV network ever in the history of television! These grimoire books are owned by the British royal family and many billionaire book collectors. Censored from the mainstream media - watch and learn on the Enigma Channel - sign-up using our 100% secure frictionless GumRoad subscription service - click here to start watching We guarantee you'll love our TV shows and films.

In the Enigma Channel original TV series HERITAGE, Chris Everard investigates the cannibal cults of the royal mega-rich and the bizarre notion of hell taught by Jewish mystics...

We also investigate SKULL CULTS - a subject censored from the mainstream media... And censored from YouTube...

The excellent FORBIDDEN TV series which investigates cuts was censored from YouTube - you can now watch the entire series on the Enigma Channel - un-cut.

THE ENIGMA CHANNEL is the first TV network to have broadcast footage from inside the Headquarters of the SKULL AND BONES Germanic-Babylonian cult at Yale university...

Enter Stage Right: The Bush family - their big family secret was exposed years ago when it was revealed that the grandpappy of George W. had desecrated the grave and stolen the skull of Indian warrior Geronimo.

You see, what we see in the Hampstead whistleblower allegations and also in the stealing of Geronimo's skull is the continuation of an ancient cult who made ritual cups and dishes from skulls.

The Skull Cults are some of the oldest cults on the planet; from around 26,000BC to 19,500BC, an artistic European civilisation flourished which carved amazing artworks and who erected the great standing stone circle rings... However, a new priesthood came in and set themselves up as a ruling elite and occupied those megalithic stone circle sites - and engendered a culture of human sacrifice, much the same as the Aztecs in central America. 

Ancient Britain, unfortunately, was taken over by a Barbaric cannibalistic culture, throwing all the previous Ice Age Megalithic-architectural achievements back into the Stone Age. Celt from the Greek keltoi, means savage! To the Roman occupiers, some British colonies were also known as Galli or Gauls - that means ‘Barbarian’.

StoneHenge being remodelled by aristocrats in the 1950s

Basically, the ancient Britons performed post-mortem processing of human heads at Gough's Cave (Somerset, England) and made skull-cups. Analysis of human remains at Gough's Cave prove the processing of human bodies for the consumption of bone marrow, accompanied by meticulous shaping of craniums into ritual cups. The distribution of cut-marks and percussion features indicates that the skulls were scrupulously 'cleaned' of any soft tissues, and subsequently modified - radiocarbon determinations provide direct dating of about 14,700 years ago.

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