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In the summer of 1890, Abraham Stoker entered the Library in Whitby, England, and requested a specific book — The Accounts of Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia by William Wilkinson.

Bram Stoker was a member of the Golden Dawn cult who took their instructions from secret chiefs located somewhere in the German Black Forest… Some Golden Dawn members - such as Aleister Crowley had a distinct interest in the Scholomantze School of the Solomonati which trained sorcerers - many of whom were the sons and daughters of European aristocracy.

Bram Stoker’s job was to stifle public interest in the aristocratic blood drinkers - and transform human blood drinking from a fact into a fictional fantasy.

This is the true untold history of how human flesh, human bone and especially human blood have been used as medicine by aristocrats, princes, dukes, kings and queens for centuries.

The human skull, brain and human blood were used in sixteenth and seventeenth-century Europe…

So many teenagers and children went missing in Italy and Germany that VAMPIRE HUNTERS were hired by local townsfolk.

Today, actual Vampire Killing kits are sold at auction - in fact entire vampire killing cabinets were manufactured in Germany by the same people who made grand pianos for the rich and famous.

Entire vampire colonies existed on the Greek island of Santorini - and dozens of folk songs warned children - about blood sucking ghouls.

Vampires have been known in most regions of the world at least since the times of Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, the Egypt of the pharaohs, and the Jews of the Old Testament.

Vampires were well known in India, China, and Japan, and in the Graeco-Roman and Arabic cultures. In literature, the most famous infamous feeders on blood, among many ancient ones, have been the Indian and Arabic ghoul the Greek Xotfxia, and Roman larva.

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The Illuminati has included BLOOD CULTS and CANNIBAL CULTS for centuries.

THE REAL TOMB RAIDERS is a new 90 minute TV investigating how Egyptian mummies were being purchased by their thousands already by the 13th and 14th centuries... They were ground-up and then eaten by the rich and famous...

In fact, in Arabia, mummified corpses, which had been embalmed in honey, were sold as a medicine.  The Elizabethans also ate and drank mummies, which were shipped in from Syria - in fact, the clothes you see King Henry the Eighth wearing are all Syrian clothes - made in Damascus. They shipped in their clothes - and the congealed blood from real Egyptian mummies - but that is just the start of our investigation into the HERITAGE of MANKIND…

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