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God was a Frog

To the ancient Egyptians, God was a Frog!

The Forbidden TV series returns to the Enigma Channel for our Christmas/New Year season of films. We have new 2022 redux episodes and new footage filmed inside the Great Pyramid, Israel, Cuba and Africa... We kick off with an investigation of the Amphibian-Serpent humanoid gods which are NEVER featured on any mainstream media...

To the ancient Egyptians, there were eight gods who created all the other gods - and four of them were frogs! They are known as the OGDOAD. The Ogdoad gods are part human, part amphibian and part serpent...

This episode visits temples in Egypt and investigates the occult fraternities, temples, lodges and Mystery Schools - especially along the banks of the Nile, and in Persia - that have kept the flame of the OGDOAD gods burning - worshipping these mysterious creator-gods and building earthen mounds (known in Europe as Tumuli), ziggurats, mastabas and pyramids in memory of the First Time that these masters of creation combined their powers and gave birth to us and our planet.

"It is hallucinogenically-inspired telepathic communion with the Ogdoad which is the driving force behind many occult ceremonies performed by secret societies in the modern world - and many of those cults claim heritage from the dynastic era of ancient Egypt"


In this fresh 2022 reduced episode of Forbidden TV, we investigate the veritable American Magus, General Albert Pike, wrote an enormous text, Morals and Dogma, for the benefit of high grade 32nd and 33rd degree freemasons - the very masons who seeded the White House, Supreme Court and built modern corporate America.

Once a mason has dutifully given the correct password and attained all the previous degrees, such as Knight of the Brazen Serpent, Prince of the Tabernacle, and Keeper of the Royal Secret, he or she is invited to learn the greatest secret of them all - the existence of the Ogdoad and the severing of an Egyptian lily with a sword is a prerequisite to ‘seeing’ them. This, according to Albert Pike, was one of the great achievements of Count Alessandro di Cagliostro which was the alias of Giuseppe Balsamo, a magician and mason who renovated and embellished ancient Egyptian rituals and is the author of the Rite of Memphis & Mizraim in the modern era of freemasonry; it is Cagliostro, who Pike attributes, with bringing into freemasonry the important role of the hallucinogenic Egyptian Blue Lily and the Ogdoad gods.

Each episode of Forbidden TV runs for one hour and there are dozens of new episodes in this epic film series presented by Chris Everard.

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