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Girl Power and the MOOG from outer space

When Professor QUATERMASS, Dr WHO and DAVROS 'King of the DALEKS' burst onto our screens in the 1950s and 1960s, ‘ordinary music’ was totally unsuitable for the soundtrack.

A whole new aesthetic in music and creepy special effects sounds had to be created. Stepping into the breach were a large number of women, spearheaded by DAPHNE ORAM and DELIA DERBYSHIRE. An old Ice Ring in Maida Vale, London, was purchased by the BBC and it was here that the BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP was created.

This one hour episode of THE VIBE traces the development of the SYNTHESIZER from a stack of raw BBC Oscillators to the hi-tec ‘musician-less’ iPad apps we have today which perfectly recreate the intonation and feel of Jimi Hendrix guitar solos - which can be played even by people who have no musical experience.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN had three 12-year old girls flown in for his birthday party from Paris, and attended a 'Prostitutes & Pimps' party following his trip to the Queen's BALMORAL ESTATE where he was guest of honour... 

And that's just the start of episode two of LOLITA ISLAND which is a TV series investigating the satanic sex cults, snuff-movie dungeons and drug lords who are all connected to Epstein...

In this bombshell TV series we investigate the rumours that STANLEY KUBRICK'S movie EYES WIDE SHUT, which was filmed at a Rothschilds Manor, actually annoyed and ruffled the feathers of real-life satanic cults... 

The Manor today is owned by a SEX OFFENDER just like Jeffrey Epstein... 

Coincidence?  Watch our latest film and decide...

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