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French government own manuscript describing alien invasion

Back in 1999, after I launched the Enigma Channel, I did many presentations and lectures at UFO and Crop Circle conferences. 

I was handed a photocopy of a medieval French manuscript which clearly describes AMPHIBIAN-HUMANOIDS emerging from the sea at Genoa on the Mediterranean coast.

These beings resemble the exact appearance of DAGON - one of the so called Fallen Angels. 

They were fighting with eachother and able to fly - like flying fish - and were not deterred from causing mass panic for several days in Marseilles, Nice and Genoa - even when canons were fired at them.

This manuscript was 'lost' and I have spent 20 years studying lexicons of manuscripts in Paris trying to locate the original.

Until now, no film or TV show has ever featured the Genoa manuscript.
Yes, this is yet another Enigma Channel exclusive!

Last week I had a major breakthrough and have finally acquired the manuscript which was published in 1608.

Mass hysteria took grip of the crowd who formed processions and priests performed public exorcisms on the beach, assuming these aggressive, screeching amphibian-humanoids to be demons. Indeed, many demons described in Jewish mysticism do resemble Dagon. Dagon was the half-fish half-humanoid god worshipped at Ashod and by the Philistines near Jerusalem.

 The famous STARBUCKS logo features a female version of one of these demons, whose legs and feet were like snakes which emanated from their navel.

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